Monday, July 16, 2012

Best laid plans

I'd planned to write an ambitious post about carpet herds and gift horses today.
Then Jennifer Scott came over and we got to talking and... time got away from me.  I'm not complaining, of course.  Jenn is always welcome here, especially when she comes bearing gifts.
Maybe tomorrow I will be able to tear myself away from the live webcast of NAN long enough to write that post.  Maybe...


  1. Oh that picture! You're such a tease! You HAVE to explain!

  2. If you come to my house on Saturday for the Arts and Crap day, you can see the new not-so-secret project in person. And I've got to tell you--it's a really cooooool project!


    1. Nooooo!! What about those extra-curious readers who *can't* come to your house and see the new project!? By the way, that horse has the most amazing face... Who sculpted him/her?

  3. Im sorry but did you get an email from Because I'm not sure if it went through.

  4. Am SOOOO there... even if it wasn't for this interesting face.

  5. congratulations to you and emma