Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Broadway

Between summer school, outings with friends and overnight guests, our summer got off to a busy start.  However, things have slowed considerably over the last week or two.  Yesterday, I realized I was tired of watching the kids laze around the house so I ordered them to get dressed and get in the car.  I didn't really have a destination in mind, but somehow we found our way to Broadway Street in Denver.

Our first stop was the main branch of the Denver Public Library.
I hadn't  intended for this to be a horsey outing, but I do have a habit of turning most outings horsey...
"The Yearling" is one of Denver's best known public art pieces.  Personally, I much prefer it to "Blue Mustang."
After a delicious brunch at Dozens, we headed down Broadway to Meininger Fine Art Supply which could also be known as Meininger Model Horse Artist Supply Heaven. 
This big, beautiful...
 two story store...
is packed full of paint,
all kinds of clay, 
sculpting supplies,
and all sorts of artist tools.
If that's not exciting enough, we even found a horse or three! 
Hmm.  I think James might need a lesson in equine biomechanics... 
Even though they had not wanted to leave the house, both kids had a lot of fun during our impromptu trip to Broadway.
Today we are housebound once again, but at it's a much higher quality of lazy.  After all, everyone has new library books and art supplies to enjoy!


  1. See, you didn't even GO to the evils that exist in that store for me...

    Paper & Pens

    It's a bad, bad, bad thing to have a paper and pen fetish.

  2. I've always loved the Yearling :-) Don't know why; I guess its just sweet and whimsical :-) I share Teresa's fetish so the store is dangerous for me to even poke a toe into! They have cool books and magazines with pictures and ... and...

  3. Oh, trust me, I saw (and was tempted by) the paper and pens. I just didn't think I needed pictures of that, at least not for the purposes of this blog!

    In any case, I think we can all agree that it's a whole paycheck kind of store. I was hard pressed to keep my own purchases in check, but since this has been *another* expensive Darcy week... Well, I couldn't afford to be extravagant!