Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vicky's NAN photos

I've been waiting and waiting and I finally have some NAN photos to share.  Today's batch is courtesy of Texas tackmaker and performance shower, Vicky Norris.  Vicky writes: I know these are all your saddles, but bridles....I get your bridles and Corinne Ensor’s mixed up....sorry.  The black saddleseat bridle....horrible, needs replacing....and I will get to it....eventually! No idea who the original was from, but I’ve remade it several times! Dolls of course, by Joan Yount.

(FYI to Vicky and everyone else--I really do not mind if you get my bridles mixed up with Corinne's.  I have spent my entire tackmaking career trying to make bridles as nice as hers!)

On to the photos!  First up is Royal Dancer, a grey customized Amankhar by Teresa Botkins.  He was the Reserve Champion in the CM/AR Saddleseat class.
Big Valley Casino Gold, a Sarah Rose Lone Star by Sue Kern, received a Top Ten ribbon in the CM/AR Huntseat Pleasure Other Breed Type class. 
Vicky's other entry in that class was Queen Anne's Lace.
Queen Anne's Lace is an Eberl Kladruber resin by Sue Kern.  She also received Top Tens in CM/AR Dressage...
and a National Championship in CM/AR English Trail Sport Type.
On Original Finish Performance day, Vicky was back with her reliable one of a kind Paloose, Kechera.  Kechera won Top Ten rosettes in OF English Over Fences
OF English Trail Sport Type,
and OF Dressage.
She also won a Top Ten with Wicked Lovely in the OF Saddleseat class.
Congratulations on all your wins, Vicky, and thanks for sharing the pictures!


  1. Great pics and Congrats to the winners!


  2. Beautiful horses, setups and tack! Thanks for the photos!