Friday, July 27, 2012

Ponies and piggies

Today was my weekly riding lesson, and I asked the kids to come along and take pictures of me while I rode.
Trillium is truly a palomino princess pony in both appearance and attitude. 
She doesn't like to be rushed into things and requires a long slow warm up before she's ready to go on the bit and cooperate.
I know this about her so I always arrive early and give her all the time she needs.
Unfortunately, I didn't think to tell Ryan and James to wait awhile before they started playing photographer.
These pictures aren't bad.... 
but they could have been so much better...
 if they had just waited...
until my lesson actually started!
I can't say I blame them, though.  Who wants to watch a dressage lesson when there's piggies to play with?
With the help from Aline's son, Robert, Ryan and James assigned each piggie a name.  I'm told that this one is Pigu.
And this one--who I've been calling Pintaloosa--is Anti-pigu.  Hmm.  Not sure the piggies' owner is going to be keeping these names! 
So cute... 
but also so slippery! 
Who knew that piggies...
could run this fast? 
Whew!  Between pony dressage and piggy rodeo I'm all worn out.  It's definitely a good kind of tired, though.  In fact, I'm already looking forward to doing it all over again Tuesday.