Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tack class pictures

Borrowing from Erin Corbett again, here are some pictures from the tack classes at the Morsbach, Germany live show. First up is the Western division and a lovely hand carved saddle made by Erin herself. A pleasure type saddle on a customized Lone Star resin.
Working saddle on Hazel.
Classic scale.
Another beautiful pleasure saddle.
The English class.
And again.
And the yellow ribbon goes to this lovely eventing set made by Jana Skybova.
Erin's huntseat set by Jennifer Kistler came in second...
and her other huntseat set by me came in third.
The Arab costume tack class.
Erin's costume by Jennifer Baker Wilson was the big winner.
On to the minis--Arab costume again.
An absolutely adorable English set.
Squeeeeeee! So cute!
The winner of the Mini Other Tack class.
I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but I don't have much information about who made most of these tack sets. If you see your own work or recognize someone else's please post a comment with all the pertinent info and I will be happy to update this posting. Thanks again to Erin for allowing me to use her photographs!


  1. I'm sure that's one of my pleasure sets on the flaxen-maned Knightly Cadence :). I have sent many saddles to Germany. It's great to see them getting used! Thanks for posting these. How fun! My dream is to someday go to a foreign show. Never made it to one when I lived overseas. Sadness!

  2. Thanks for sharing! That Vertical Limit resin looks like he's levitating. :p

  3. Tack photos are always great - love the mini Paso stuff!

  4. Shannon--I love that saddle! I see a lot of partially tooled model saddles that look wrong to me--like the artist didn't quite understand the progression of what should be tooled and what shouldn't. This one looks just right!

    GWR--I should have said that the Vertical Limit is painted by Tracy Eilers. It's a beautiful model--I just love Tracy's chestnuts.

    Teresa--Thank you for always commenting on my posts even the uninteresting ones! :)

  5. Beautiful tack!
    I know the owner of the miniature schleich harness and english tack. I'll ask her who the tack maker is.

  6. The English Tack Class winner looks to me like either Jana Skybova or Laurance Haras de Felde ( i think that's her name... ) Beautiful set!

    Lots of neat tack there :)

  7. The saddle on the winner of the English class was made by Jana Skybova. It's her eventing saddle. You can find more pics on her websites www.jscustomtack.net
    I'm not sure if she made the bridle as well.

  8. Thank you for the information, Lea. I thought that looked like one of Jana's saddles but I wasn't sure. It's lovely, as is all her tack.