Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nothing is easy

I rode Bobbie today.

She hadn't been ridden in almost six months, so we didn't do anything but walk and trot. She's got a lot of go, but is light and responsive and well within my abilities. My saddle fits her and her owner and I seem to be on the same page about nearly everything.
So why am I not ecstatic?

Well, we ran into an unexpected problem. It seems that owner of the stable doesn't like her boarders to lease their horses. The resident trainer says to ignore the owner and do it anyway. I can live with that, but not if it means that I have to sneak around. I am simply not prepared to get myself involved in that kind of drama. This won't work if I can't come and go as I please...
Oh, why does everything have to be so difficult? I'm not ready to give up on Bobbie. She's my type of horse and I still believe her owner and I can make this work. I'm realistic, though. The stable owner's objections may make this impossible. If that's the case, I guess I'll have to look elsewhere. I'm sure there are other Bobbie's out there. I'll just have to find one!


  1. Sigh. I wonder if it would help if you introduced yourself to the owner and explained things? She might be fine with it if she knew you and your capabilities. And if you signed the usual waiver etc.. ? I so hope things work out..

  2. What Sian said...see if you can have a sit down with the barn owner and find out what her objections are. If she knows that you are serious, and do not intend to sue if you are injured, you may be able to come to an understanding. But, if I were you, I would not sneak around no matter what the trainer says. You would be jeopardizing the horse owners ability to stay at the barn.

  3. The other two have said what I was going to say. The main reasons I can think of that she might object have to do with not wanting people she doesn't know in and around her barn... maybe if she knew you it would help. And besides it's a heck of a lot harder to be rude and unreasonable to someone's face than through a third party! I would also present yourself as a potential client who is helping her board get paid... since people don't half lease their horses because they are having a super easy time paying for board.

  4. Do not not not disregard the wishes of the barn owner. That was rather unprofessional of the trainer to even suggest that. It's her barn, her money, her liability, therefore, her rules. Far better to arrange for a nice chat over a latte to discuss the matter. If she still says no, well, you'll just have to live with it. Too bad you don't live in NJ as I've got things that need ridin'.
    (not anon, can't remember login info!) Pat C.

  5. I would talk to the barn owner. It might be liability.
    Hopefully it will work out.

  6. Hopefully you can sign enough legal papers to ease the barn owners mind. But ugh, there is nothing worse to get yourself into than horse-owner drama!

  7. The owner is probably worried about liability. And then, worried about extra people on the property. (Which is silly, if you have a trainer, you have no control over the extra people - they just happen.)

    See if there's release of liability paperwork that needs to be signed. If that gets signed, I bet the owner will be fine.

  8. As usual, there's a fair amount of backstory that didn't make it in to my post. I really didn't go into this whole thing blind. After I found the stable, I made a few visits to check out the general atmosphere and watch the trainer (Sarah)teach a few lessons. It's a big boarding operation (75 to 100 horses) most of which are on pasture. Although the trainer seemed more in charge than any one else, this isn't a show barn. People come and go and do what they want and run the range from nice horse/nice rider to fairly scary. Since I liked what I saw with the trainer, I got in touch with her and took a lesson. We discussed my goals and I told her I wanted to lease/part lease a horse. She walked me around the property and pointed out various horses that had been leased in the past. There was really *no* indication this would be a problem.

    So now I'm left wondering if there's something else going on that I don't know about. The owner was twenty feet away from me and didn't want to meet me yesterday so I'm not sure the sitdown idea will work. Of course, it's also possible that Bobbie's owner sprung this on her at just the right moment or that she simply doesn't like Bobbie's owner. The conversation went to "if you don't have time for your horse you should just sell her. Don't bother with a lease." which seems kind of personal really.

    The funny thing is that the only reason Bobbie's owner told the stable owner is so that I could sign a liability waver. Apparently it's just fine for random people to come ride, just not to make it legal with paperwork.

    Anyway, we're just letting it sit for now. I am going to talk to the trainer and see what she says about leasing there in general. I really have no interest in riding there if I'm not wanted and I won't be sneaking around.

    Blah. Blah. Blah. SO much drama. NOT what I'm looking for! My sister is visiting me today and I haven't seen her in more than a year so I'm going to sign off and spend the rest of the day NOT thinking about horses.

  9. Perhaps this barn owner is worried about the new reporting regulations under NAIS (now called NIAA) Under this USDA program, which is not wanted nor needed by over 90% of those who know about it and many still do not, someone, most likely the owner, will have just 24 hours in which to report all horse comings and goings. That would be very hard to keep track of if she does not know who is handling which horse. And most late reports have fines. If you have not heard of NAIS and what it entails, please check out for more information on the program that will put horse owners under more govt surveillance than on illegals or sex offenders. It is not yet in play but WI is arresting the Amish for refusing to comply.

  10. OOh, I hate to hijack Braymere's comments, but really? First, I don't find anything on the net about a name change for NAIS. That other thing mentioned is the letters for an ag association that is far older than the NAIS concept.

    Plus, I'm finding it very hard to believe that this barn owner is at all worried about NAIS, a program that has yet to actually be instituted. It would have NOT A THING to do with a the lease of a horse, and if this BS ever gets off the ground, the BO wouldn't be the party responsible for reporting the horses' movements, the horse owner would.

    I'm also finding it *very* hard to believe that any one any where is "arresting the Amish" for non-compliance with a program that isn't even mandatory at this time.

    I'll fight NAIS tooth and nail, but spreading such silly conspiracy theories is a ridiculous waste of time and simply makes those against it look foolish and uninformed.

  11. Maybe you can draw up a lease/liability agreement with the barn owner and the horse owner. I leased my first horse, and had a signed contract between the barn owner and the owner of the horse. I can't blame the barn owner for feeling hesitant.

  12. Well, that sure stinks. I hope you can find a way to make it work. Bobbie sure is cute! We went to visit the palomino that was to be our next horse this past Sunday and she made it obvious she didn't care too much for my son nor I...we will visit her again in the next week or so, to see if her attitude is still "not so nice."
    I hope it works out with Boobie - and I agree...why is it that nothing is easy?

  13. Well, a review of the boarding agreement indicates that boarders are allowed to lease/lend their horses so I suspect that there was something else going on Saturday. We're tentatively back on for the lease, but when I went to visit Bobbie yesterday, she was noticeably stocked up behind. Don't know if this is common for her or something new and therefore potentially problematic... Nothing is easy. That's all there is to say about this!

    Speaking of nothing is easy. My sister is still here. She was supposed to leave earlier but has had car problems. I am also having internet problems so my blog continues to be un-updated--SORYY!

  14. Oops! That should be "BOBBIE" in my post...not "Boobie"... :) That made me LOL...

    Looking forward to an update on how it all turns out.