Friday, May 21, 2010

Making a list

I've finally started packing for the show. My living room is littered with plastic totes, polar fleece bags, bubble wrap and resins...It's chaos, but organized chaos because I'm working from a list. This isn't anything fancy, just a page from the show packet with all my horses' names written on it. I check off each name as the horse goes into a tote, and that way I don't have to worry that someone will get left behind. So far it's going well. Everyone except Jolly Roger is present and accounted for. I have no idea where Jolly Roger is, but honestly he's not a superstar. It won't be a disaster if he stays home.
I'm still on the fence about showing performance. I'm not ready. Heck, I'm not even close to being ready, but there's still time, right? I've printed out the classlist, and maybe I'll have time to put together a few entries this afternoon. Colorado has so few shows with performance divisions. I kind of feel obligated to participate whenever possible. I'd hate for DKL to become an all halter show in the future...
Well, back to the grind. These horses aren't going to pack themselves, you know!


  1. you mean you print off a classlist and checklist, whats wrong with you????
    my organization points are used up at work, I just show up with boxes and go from there!

  2. Hey you better show performance!! I'm coming all the way from Texas to judge the performance division!!


    What Christie said and I need to borrow some stuff :D

  4. Tiffany--I probably have more show horses than you, which is fair because I *KNOW* you have more saddles than me!

    Christie and Teresa--You seem to think that I can actually find my tack, or my reference materials. Well, I do know generally where all that stuff is. It's under a HUGE pile of other stuff that got moved when the basement flooded. I'm not sure I can get to it without restacking the entire pile... Ugh. Just not sure it's worth it for a day of no-plan, half-assed performance showing!

    We'll see, though. There's still some nineteen hours to show time. Maybe I'll amaze myself!

  5. It's worth it! If you don't haul out the tack you'll be sitting there wishing you had! Besides, your loyal blog readers will want to see pictures!

  6. Oh, there will be pictures--You can absolutely count on that! I've got to tell you, though, that performance is hugely time consuming. There is much less time for photography when you're sweating over little buckles and rider dolls!

    I do have a tote bag filled with tack and props. My mule will enter at least a couple classes in each division. It may not be pretty since I haven't even kind of test driven the English set ups, but it will be something...
    And something's better than nothing, right?


  7. I'm going to need lots of help, so if you're not showing performance I may need to pick your brain!

    It turns out that the Cigar really just needs a *picture* more than a good placing, so maybe we can get that done tomorrow.

    But I'm as packed as I'm going to get. I may be scrambling for a jumper jump, but I think I have the rest. Whew!

  8. Have fun! Wanted to tell you, my pounce wheels from Micro Mark, a la your recommendation, arrived yesterday, and I have been busily stitch marking everything in sight. Now if I could just master the art of putting the marks where I want them! :D I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your blog, and good luck at the show!

  9. Start off EASY in performance, like hunt pleasure or something.
    Lorrie Franz
    (responsible for dragging at least 3 people into performance)

  10. Just back--what a fun show! I did end up showing in six performance classes and got six NAN cards so that was ok. I also took about 300 pictures so you can all guess what will be on my blog all next week.

    More tomorrow!