Thursday, May 6, 2010

Studio visitors

People sometimes ask me if I ever get lonely when I'm working in my studio. What they don't realize is that the studio is often the most populated room in the house!

My girls are almost always in here with me.
There are actually two dog beds, but both Abbie and Maggie like this one the best.
The kids are in and out a lot, and they bring their little furry friends with them.
Don't be fooled by that innocent face. Cinnamon is a menace. Here she is trying to take out a rider doll.
Her sister Basil isn't much better. Watch out gum tragacanth!
Lonely? In this studio? Not a chance!


  1. As usual, love the pets :) And the kids aren't bad either :D

  2. I just love it. There's nothing better than a little "animal company" to keep you from being lonely. Our bunny lays by my desk while I work and I have a kitty that loves to sit behind me in my chair....they are great, quiet company. :) Loved the photos of your pups and rats (and your son!)!

  3. I love my cats but they are bad company when I'm trying to paint horses! Hair, hair, hair everywhere.

    So cute! But don't the rats try to nibble your leather?