Monday, May 24, 2010

DKL English performance pictures

Cross Country was the first class of the English Performance division at the Devilish Kokopelli Live show. This is Annette Dean's Cleveland Bay trotting out of his starting box. A nice mini cross country entry.
This customized Karen Gerhardt Vigil resin also belongs to Annette. He is shown here competing in the jumper class. Love that fan jump!
This is Teresa Buzzell's Gem Twist named Drunken Disorderly. He is shown with tack by Corinne Ensor and a jump by Melissa Pearce. This model ended up being the Champion of the English division.
The Cleveland Bay in Huntseat Pleasure.
Vigil in Huntseat Pleasure.
Close-up of Vigil's saddle. I'm not certain, but I think this is a Susan Dolittle creation. That's real stitching around the edges, not paint or stitch-marking.
The Cleveland's Other English entry.
Regan's mini saddleseat horse.
Val McEntee's saddleseat horse. Val says I made this tack set and it does look like one of mine. Strangely, I have no recollection of the transaction. Maybe she bought it on the secondary market?
Western next and then on to halter!


  1. Awesome! Though I am not sure if it's just the way it was photographed but isn't the man on the last one a little out of proportion?

  2. I always love the show photos. Maybe I should start posting some of mine when I get them. Though I don't always know what belongs to who. I think it would be very interesting though since I do seem to be focused on the rider dolls (though I LOVE nice tack!).

  3. Love Love love the photos and the blog! And I've forgotten about pieces that I've made too..

  4. Sydney--You're right that the rider on the last horse is a bit on the small side. Scale can be such a difficult thing to get right. Both horse and rider can be loosely described as "Traditional Scale," but one is on the large side of the traditional spectrum and the other is not, so... Sometimes close is the best you can do!

    Anne & Heather--Thanks for your comments. They are really appreciated. It's a lot of work to take, edit and upload so many pictures. It's good to know that people appreciate the effort!

  5. Hey, I saw a name I might recognize - is "Bev Dolittle the tack maker" possibly the same as "Bev Dolittle the extraordinary painter who hides things in her art?" I'm wondering, and it wouldn't surprise me since her paintings are sooooooo meticulous (I love them and hope to own a print someday). I could definitely see her stitching all over an eeny-meeny saddle. Nice saddle, too, but I must say I like yours better! :-)

  6. Oh, I am embarrassed! That should have read SUSAN Dolittle. Obviously, I wasn't thinking when I wrote this post, and the painter's name came to mind rather than the tackmaker's. I'm really surprised no one pointed this out before. I'm sure Bev could make beautiful tack, but I suspect she is just fine sticking with painting.