Saturday, May 8, 2010

Braymere Custom Tree Removal

Over the course of the last thirty six hours it has become increasingly obvious that there is no quick fix for our plumbing woes. Nothing less than replacing the offending pipe will do, and unfortunately for us, that pipe is located some nine feet below the big tree in our front yard.My whole family loved that tree. None of us wanted to see it go, but it was either that or give up toilets and showers. That's not a sacrafice we were willing to make, so today we said goodbye to the tree.

At first it was very sad...
but then it just turned into a whole lot of work.
We did it, though!Here's what's left of the tree. Is it weird that I'm already planning to use some of those logs to build cross country jumps?
That was an interesting way to spend a day, but I do not think I will be offering my tree removal services to the public. I'd rather stick to tackmaking!


  1. I'm so sorry - losing a big tree like that can be almost like losing a pet or a family member. You guys seem to be good at being cheerful in the face of the situation! Here's to working plumbing in your future.

  2. It really was sad, but we'd known for years that the tree was a problem. When things get a bit more settled, we'll plant another one but it will be over to the side and NOT anywhere near the plumbing.

  3. Just don't be startled when you look out of your window the next morning. Most probably you don't think about what happened the day before....

  4. That sucks Jennifer! Too bad we're not closer to my parents - Dad would take the non XCountry jump limbs off your hands. (Wood fireplace.)

  5. Definitely use some of that wood for jumps! I bet you could sell a lot too! Still its always sad to see a tree go down..