Friday, May 14, 2010


I have been so preoccupied with real horses lately that I've barely thought about models at all. That changed today, however, when two of my artist friends sent preview pictures of the things they've been making for me. What a wonderful reminder that model horses (and their accessories!) are not just a substitute for real horses. They are completely and entirely wonderful in and of themselves.

First up is this still in progress Scarlett resin. Tiffany Purdy customized her mane, tail and forelock to make her tack friendly. Apparently Tiff thinks she will be wearing a harness in the near future. Hmmm. I'm not convinced. How can I find time to make tack for my own horses when I'm so busy dressing hers?Remember those two little harnesses I made for Kim Haymond of Table Top Studios? This is how she was able to talk me into tackling mini scale work.
Kim usually limits herself to the smaller scales. This is only her second foray into traditional sized jump making.
You wouldn't know it by the results. This jump is amazing!
I love having so many different components--I can set this jump up in all sorts of ways.
Here's a closer look at the standards. I really like the weathered paint and the way they are similar but not identical.
Nearby Golden, Colorado is home to the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. I love living in Colorado and am delighted whenever I can work some local flavor into my model horse set-ups.More close-ups--the dry ditch,
agave plants,
and prickly pear cacti. This is what Kim had to say about these: We couldn't find any cactus to purchase that looked right, so what's the logical thing to do? Yup, make flowering prickly pear cactus from scratch. There is a set of four planters, and over 3,500 spines were individually glued to these. Definitely unique and one of a kind!
Huge thanks to Tiffany, Kim and Kim's Mom. I can't believe all these lovely things belong to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Ooooh... nice. I think the Scarlet needs a work harness!

    Don't forget Jennifer, Buffalo Bill's *rumored* grave is on top of Lookout Mountain. There's another supposed grave site. Like the man, the remains are bigger than life obviously! :D

  2. Wow I love that jump! Scarlet is beautiful too. My other hobby is dollhouse minis, so I've made some plants in my day, and I can appreciate the amazing work that went into those cacti.

  3. Oh, wow! Scarlett is beautiful but that jump... words fail me! That is fine beyond belief! Will it be available for viewing in person at DKL?

  4. If the postal gods are willing, both Scarlett and the jump will be on my table at DKL. Can you believe both these things were paid for entirely in trade? I feel so fortunate to be their lucky new owner! :)

  5. OOOhhh...So you are the lucky one who gets to play with Kim's lovely jump. I adore her work and have one of her smaller scale works for my little Spyder resin.

  6. Holy cow - those pieces are yours??? You lucky girl! Love the customizing Tiffany did on the Scarlett and that jumnp is out of this world! You will have so much fun with that. Congrats!