Sunday, May 30, 2010

DKL Workmanship post script

In addition to the big open Resin Workmanship division I highlighted yesterday, the Devilish Kokopelli Live show also offered some restricted Workmanship classes for new and amateur painters. These were judged by Kirsten Wellman of Illinois. Today I'm going to share pictures of three horses who did well in these smaller, friendlier classes.

First up is Regan O'Keefe's customized G2 Warmblood to a Friesian or Friesian cross. I've been watching Regan work on this guy for a couple years, and I am so glad that he's finally, beautifully finished. Yay, Regan! I entered two horses in the Amateur Workmanship class. This was for artists who have not sold their work, irregardless of whether or not that work has won NAN cards. My Svelte resin Wonderscope was the winner.
And my just finished Romke came in second.
I probably would have been a little happier if those placings had been reversed, but I'm not complaining. I love the idea of Novice and Amateur classes and hope to see more of these in the future!


  1. I'd been anxious to know how the drafter did - I just love him. Both of those models are so lovely; that had to be a toss-up between them! Congratulations on a great show and thank you for sharing all of the wonderful photos! It amazes me how talented all of you are!

  2. Thanks, Buckpony, you are too nice. Poor Navah Joe didn't do well at all in his breed class. In fact, I think he might have come in dead last. Oh well! I'll show him a few more times, and if it doesn't get any better he'll become part of the herd that doesn't travel. That's not such a bad thing. I love those models, too!