Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DKL Western performance pictures, part two

Still more photos from the Western Performance division of the Devilish Kokopelli Live show held last Saturday in Golden, Colorado. First up is Lu Heater's freestyle reining entry. This is a very cool set-up, but word to the wise--if you're showing under judge Christie Partee, you've got to follow proper flag code. The American flag is always held in the doll's right hand. Always.
Annette Dean's Lone Star also showing in reining.
Lu's Monte in trail.
Isn't this cool? The obstacle's name is "Trash Alley."
Continuing with the trash theme... This is Teresa Buzzell's Phoenix resin wearing a beautiful handcarved Western pleasure tack set made by Erin Corbett (and owned by me!).
Lone Star in trail.
Teresa's Phoenix again, this time in Western Pleasure.
Lu's Jasmine resin won the Western Pleasure class.
My future's so bright...
Last but certainly not least was the Other Western class. Even judged against her own high standards, Lu's entry was exceptional.
The documentation that went with it.
Close up of the doll...
and the saddle. Amazing!
I forgot to take pictures of the Champion call backs and awards, but if memory serves correctly, Annette's Lone Star was both Champion Western and Reserve Overall Champion Performance. Lu's Indian costume horse, El Nino, was the Overall Reserve Performance Champion. Both awards were well deserved. None of the performance classes were big but they were all tough. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Christie Partee for her great judging!


  1. These entries (both posts, just had to kid on the first one) are top notch. Thanks for sharing them. It's going to raise some bars!

  2. I had a lot of funjudging this year's DKL performance division!

    Yes, I am picky about the way the American Flag is presented. It should be done properly EVERY time! I guess it comes from being an Army wife, proud Daughter of the American Revolution, and a lifelong patriot. Here's the American Legion's Flag Code webiste, which provides more reference: http://www.legion.org/flag/code

  3. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to have any idea where to find documentation for "Trash Alley?"

  4. Anon--I *believe* that was an Exteme Cowboy Trail entry. I know there was documentation on the table (Lu documents everything!) but I didn't take a picture. Sorry!