Sunday, May 23, 2010

DKL Other performance pictures

Of course Balthazar wasn't the only critter showing in the performance division at the Devilish Kokopelli Live show this year. As is typical of Colorado shows, the performance classes tended to be short on numbers but long on quality. Here are a selection of photos from the Other Performance Division.

The Harness class was first. This lovely entry is owned by Val McEntee.Next up was Arabian costume. This is Marilyn Jensen's entry.And then there was the Native American Costume class... Oh, this was a tough one! Perfectly respectable costumes such as this one...
and this one went almost unnoticed.
Even Teresa Buzzell's brand new Lynda Gillette costume didn't stand a chance.
That's because Native American costume maker extraordinaire Lu Heater was in the house. Just look at this:
I love the mask on the ridden horse.
The prop horse's bridle is pretty spiffy, too.
Just about the only person who can beat Lu is Lu herself. Here's her other--and winning--entry.
Detail of the bridle--amazing!
Probably we all could have just stood around and ogled Lu's costumes all day, but eventually the show had to go on. The next class was Other Costume/Parade, and that was won by Regan O'Keefe's Troveo wearing a BCS Portuguese tack set.
Sherre's parade entry. I don't think Esprit is well suited for performance, but this worked out nicely.
Regan's custom Smarty was second in the Other Performance class. He is wearing a BCS racing tack set.
The last class in the division was the Scene class. There were only four entries but they were all very well done (even if mine was dusty!). This is Nancy Dement's model shown with a Pebbles scale Yellowstone diorama made by JerryLynn Rice.
This Lone Star belongs to Annette Dean of California.
A closer look.
As nice as these entries were, the clear winner was once again Lu Heater's El Nino shown in his Native American costume with a prop horse, dog and tee pee. The details that Lu puts into her set-ups are just amazing.
Colorado people, please feel free to information and let me know if I've made any mistakes/misspellings. I'm usually pretty good at these things, but I took a ton of pictures and sooner or later I'm bound to identify something incorrectly!


  1. If Lu wasn't so DARN NICE, she'd make me stop showing performance all together. Her setups, esp Indian Costume, are just too incredible.

    Someday, I will own a Lu Heater Indian costume.

  2. Actually, the lovely buckskin overo Lone Star belongs to Annette Dean of California. He was the Reserve overall Performance winner!

  3. Awesome pictures! Thanks for "taking us along" to the show =)

  4. Thank you for that correction, Christie. Somehow I did not manage to meet Annette, but I will go back and edit the posting to reflect the LoneStar's proper owner.

  5. Beautiful tack, I love that Portugues Set!
    (Did you receive my email Jennifer?)

  6. No Shanti, I don't think I did. I've been having a lot of trouble with my internet connectivity, though, so I havne't been online as much lately. I'll go back and double check but maybe you could try resending?

  7. When I saw that Lu was at the show, I just gave up! That and Theresa's wonderful English entries are always so difficult to beat. Great work ladies! The ISH in the Nez Perce costume is mine and the costume was made by Marge Messer-Smith from back in 1989. I wish she was still around!

  8. Fantastic photos, Jennifer! I am glad to see other folks still using real sand/dirt. I thought I was the only nerd still doing it :). Nothing like the real thing, although it does make cleanup and keeping models dust free a bit more difficult.