Friday, May 28, 2010

DKL Resin halter, part one

The Buxton plumbing saga goes on and on, so there is still nothing new to report on the tackmaking front. Fortunately, I still have a bunch of photos from the Devilish Kokopelli Live show to share. Today, I'm concentrating on the Resin Halter division.

The Draft division was first. Here's how Dhaulagiri and BFF did in the Percheron/Belgian class.
Jennifer Scott's Scarlett.
This Eberl resin won the Gypsy Cob/North American Spotted Draft class. I think he was painted by Claire Williams.
Another by Claire? This is an Eberl Babette.
Stock horses were next. This Ravenhill Revisited was painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop. I love her roans!
My Ravenhill Revisted painted by Liesl Dalpe was fifth in the Paint class.
Jane Schneider's amazing RRQH1 Ronin won the Paint class.
An Appaloosa Stormwatch.
Marilyn Jensen's Appaloosa Tenorio.
My own WarLord was third in the Mustang class.
Here's a nice Colorado horse. This Sencillo resin was sculpted by Jennifer Scott and painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop.
Hilary Van Asperen Rossow's Matriarch was the Reserve Champion of the Stock Horse division.
The Sport Division was next, and at this point in the show, I had yet to win a single NAN card. That was ok. I don't really expect to win them all, especially not at a big show like DKL. There were a lot of nice models on the table and the judging was both fair and consistent. My horses weren't being overlooked. In fact, they were doing just fine.

And yet, despite all that, I have to admit that I was getting just a wee bit discouraged...

Fortunately, things started to change with the Thoroughbred class. This was a big class that was filled with nice horses. Can you believe this started out as a trotting Romance resin?
Dayle Steinke's Seattle Slew.
Dayle's Venator which was sculpted and painted by Carol Williams.
A really nice grey Victrix. I'm guessing she was painted by Tom Bainbridge.
It was my boy Validator, however, who got top honors.
Validator then went on to win the Sport Breed Reserve Championship.
I would win ten more green NAN cards before the day was through, and you will see some of my other winners in the next post!


  1. Congratulations on your winnings there. The TB class looked pretty tough... :)

  2. Jennifer, you have some stunning models. Your! Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Thanks, Rachael and Vicky. I really am fortunate to own so many nice models. I <3 my Valor.

  4. Sheila's roans are truly spectacular.

  5. Wow, wow, wow... Validator is such a handsome stud. ;)

  6. The appy scarlet is just breathtaking, and I wouldn't mind having the model in the picture below her, either.