Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DKL Western performance pictures, part one

The English performance division at the Devilish Kokopelli Live show wrapped up a little before the lunch break. Judge Christie Partee opted not to start the Western classes right away. Instead she gave all the performance showers the entire break to prepare their entries for the Games class.
I had planned on showing my Linda Lima mule resin, Balthazar, in this division, but as I saw the other entries go the table, I started having second thoughts.The set-ups I had planned were all ok, but they were not in the same league as the competition.
Both of these first two entries belong to Lu Heater who is just as good at Western as she is at Native American costume.
This Egg and Spoon Class entry belongs to Annette Dean.
Teresa Buzzell's Some Kinda Flirt in Ride-A-Buck.
Roping was next, and once again there were several really outstanding set-ups. This is Annette's Lone Star.
A better look at the horse and his tack.
Lu's Streetwise chasing a steer.
Wonderful details!
More of the same.
Lone Star in cutting.
Lu's Creata Quarter Horse also in cutting.
Other Stock. Lone Star is bringing home a stray calf.
Reined cow horse.
Lu is a master at getting her dolls positioned just right. That's not an easy thing to do, but it can really make or break an entry. This doll really appears to be moving with her horse.
I took too many pictures for just one post, so you'll have to wait a bit for Reining, Pleasure, Trail and Other!


  1. I didn't realize Harry Potter was into Western Gaming.:)

  2. These western entries are just amazing!

  3. I love that all the cows look different!

  4. I'm totally in love with that black and white spotted cow. Nice touch with the horn wrap too. Really enjoying all these pictures!