Friday, May 14, 2021


One of the best things about riding at a large boarding stable is that there's always a fun new horse to meet.

This one is extra cute.
Meet Emily's new horse pony Rhino.
He is half Haflinger, half Quarter Horse and one hundred percent adorable.
Welcome to Kenlyn, Rhino!
I can't wait to see him under saddle.


  1. Here's another thing that's good about meeting "Rhino". He has feathers on his feet--and he's bay! Now-if you ever need a breed assignment, you have documentation!
    Welcome Rhino!

  2. Hey! I don't get it! Aren't there horses to ride @ Kenlyn?? Why would you want to ride a "Rhino"?????!!! (bwahaha!I'm just kidding!)
    Rhino is cute!

  3. That's a perfect name for that pony, LOL