Monday, December 27, 2021

December horses: Ernie

There are three draft horses that live in the field next to Linda's house.

The biggest is a Belgian gelding named Ernie. He works as a carriage horse in downtown Denver on weekend nights.
I love him.
For this year's barn Christmas party, Ernie and his mom, JoAnna, brought out the carriage and offered everyone free rides around the neighborhood.
As usual, Ernie was dressed for the occasion.
So fancy!
Of course, we all had to take lots of photos.
Say cheese, Ernie!
Then we climbed aboard and went for a ride.
The horses in the gelding field were very alert as we passed by.
And when I say "alert" what I really mean is "alarmed."
It was pure chaos.
Ernie didn't care. He clipped clopped down the streets of Aurora like the old pro he is.
It was the best part of a very good day.
Thanks for the ride, Ernie!

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