Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Almost wordless Wednesday

It's been a long time since I've shared live show pictures, but today I am happy to do exactly that. These were taken at a show held last weekend in Hamburg, Germany. Thank you, Isabel Bart! If you'd like to see more of Isabel's pictures from the show, check out her Pompton Sattlerei Facebook page!


  1. Am curious about one thing----WHY are haired models so popular and competitive amongst British and European showers??

    Is it a cultural thing? I thought at first that maybe they didn't have access to the Breyers and Artist's Resins as American showers do--but that's *obviously* NOT TRUE!!

    Their set ups are just as AWESOME as their American counterparts (and I DON'T look forward to competing against any of them-haha!) BUT as far as I can tell the American showers gave up the haired models in lieu of the resins and the like! Right??

    Does this mean if haired models can be that competitive in today's world, that they'll make (or are making) a come-back on U.S. shores??

  2. It's interesting how this is the exact same hobby, but at the same time how different it is. It's amazing how you can see the differences across cultures regardless of the fact that we are talking about the same models and horse sports.