Sunday, September 6, 2020

PPP results: Mindy

Because judging a themed performance show is extremely subjective, I decided the Pandemic Performance Panorama would triple judged, with each judge using slightly different criteria to make their selections. Here are Mindy Berg's judging notes and placings.

The first thing I want to say is that judging is subjective. It is a tricky balance and an opinion that is based on many different factors, but ultimately, subjective to the person making the decision. Not only were the class listings ambiguous in this show, but it also showcased a broad spectrum of talents and skills. To even begin to judge this, I had to take the overall feel of each picture for the theme of the class, as well as interpret the class in my own way. In doing so, I could find the picture that I felt best overall fit my interpretation, or even expanded my interpretation with ways that I had never even thought about. You guys are amazing. Some of these pics were just downright hilarious, and yes, bonus points if you made me laugh out loud. I love creativity, general silliness, outside thinking, and ridiculousness with accuracy, and you have all hit that chord (and Jennifer nailed it with her class theme choices.. for real!). I also took into consideration the photography aspect of the pictures. I found that great lighting, contrast, aspects and overall presentation were a big part of how I placed. After all, it is a photo show!

I also looked for technicalities like correct spacing (for jumps, polls, etc) and regardless type of tack or rider, correct fit and placement to the best of the ability of the tack, the realistic probability of the actual event (lol, not always applicable), and the general overall feel of the picture. The competition was so fierce, each of these things had great weight on my decisions. What I do have to say is each and every one of you deserves recognition for all the time, effort and thought you put into your entries. I am no stranger to setting up a photo, and I know how much it takes. I am thoroughly impressed with all the entries, and this was a brutal, hair splitting task to organize these horses into winners.. especially since they all have merit and deserve recognition for all the thought and effort that it took to take each picture. Congratulations to all that participated and made this incredibly hard for me and the show a giant success, but especially the winners!

And a huge thank you to Jennifer for hosting it and letting me judge. I would be happy to discuss anything with any of you, and give constructive criticism or reasons if you want them!
Threefiftyseven owned by Andrea Brygidyr
Bad Performance

1. Andrea Brygidyr-Threefifityseven
2. Dora Duftschmied- Jolly Jumper
3. Lindsay Myers- Atom
4. Ulrike Appelt- Tarrega
5. Erica Ferguson- Time to panic
6. Sarah Warren- Let's start a Rumor
7. Dora Duftschmied-Vito
8. Jackie Radwanski-Fantastic Freddie

Honorable mention (HM:)
 Ann Vanderwell- Chocolate Never Lies
 Karen Gerhardt- Oldenburg
 Elaine Lindelef- Tonopah
 Danielle Dunn-Maple Edge
 Mary Riordan- Princess
SuperNova owned by Hannah Mahardy
Teeny Tiny Performance

1. Hannah Mahardy-SuperNova
2. Lindsay Myers- Valentine
3. Christine Sutcliffe -Big Red
4. Christine Sutcliffe - Incognito
5. Beth Rappelyea -TB Mare
6. Cynthia Diaczynsky- Falcor
7. Hanna Mahardy- Toobusybeein'a gent
8. Elaine Lindelef-Nutmeg
A Cowboy and his Travels by Jae Conway
Vintage Performance

1. Jae Conway-Cowboy and his Travels
2. Michelle Brown-Overlook Stable
3. Jackie Moore-Princess Tyra
4. Sondra Householder- Shock
5. Leah Smith-Old man goes to dance
6. Dora Duftschmied-Ludwig
7. Beth Rappleyea- Morgan Stallion
8. Kerry Lawrynoncz- Tarzan
Evening Beach Ride by Christine Sutcliffe
Outdoor Performance

1. Christine Sutcliffe- Evening Beach ride
2. Jackie Moore -Arkle
3. Ulrike Appelt-Ostara
4. Corina Roberts -Morning Ride
5. Jae Conway- Come on Guys
6. Sondra Householder- First night on the trail
7. Sanne Grandjean-Oz the great and Powerful
8. Good ride- Lighting?
Incidental Kiss owned by Andrea Brygidyr
Stable Performance

1. Andrea Brygidyr- Incidental Kiss
2. Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska- Wild Rose
3. Erika Baird-Georgie Porgie
4. Sanne Granjean-Balou
5. Stephanie Blaylock-Bonnaroo
6. Krakus- Jaime Rowling
7. Cold Ruru- Stallion at Stud
8. Christine Sutcliffe- Tacking up for a ride
Stuck at Home by Christine Sutcliffe
Naked Performance

1. Christine Sutcliffe- Stuck at home
2. Clementine Bonnin-Shirtless Torso Calendar
3. Anna Dobrowolska-Dream About Paradise
4. Anne Field-Purdy Zippin Chic
5. Erika Baird- Quick and skinny Summer dip
6. Anne van der Weel-Naked Sheep Gymkhana
7. Jackie Radwanski- WS Jaybird
8. Dora Duftschmied- Mr Bones
Time to Panic owned by Erica Ferguson
Sparkly Performance

1. Erica Ferguson-Time to Panic
2. Danielle Dunn- Teddy
3. Anna Dobrowolska- Ghost
4. Anna Dobrowolska- Kingfisher
5. Anne Field- Beauty Queen
6. Mary Butler- Zipping Along
7. September Rennie-White-Mida Touch
8. Hannah Mahardy- Strictly Taboo
HM: Jackie Moore- Marshmallow
1:1 - 1:9 - 1:64
Mixed Scale Performance

1. Andrea Brygidyr- 1:1, 1:9 1:64
2. Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska- Wind Rose
3. Fabian Rodriguez- Cisco
4. Jackie Radwanski- Barney Rubble
5. Ann van der Weel- Chocolate never Lies
6. Stephanie Blaylock- Big and Little
7. Sanne Grandjean- Fee Fi
8. Christine Sutcliffe- Me photographing Max
HM Julia Turner - Bristol
Ulrike Appelt -Dante
Henny Penny owned by Sondra Householder
Other Animal Performance

1. Sondra Householder- Henny Penny
2. Jackie Moore- Guinea
3. Tara Reich- Zell
4. Sanne Grandjean-Gimli
5. Anne Harder- Intrepid
6. Stormy Morrell-Colossal Rexy
7. Clementine Bonnin- Bremen Town Musicians
8. Heather Jackson-Lain- Radar O' Ratley 
Hm: Jackie Stover- trail course chicken
Jaefeather owned by Dani Youdris
Altered Reality Performance

1. Dani Youdris-Jayfeather
2. Andrea Brygidyr- Madara
3. Hannah Mahardy -Drake
4. Fabian Rodriguez-Autumn winds
5. Erica Ferguson-Great Gatsby
6. Maddy Rideout- Send my Love
7. Jackie Moore- Skittles
8. Pokemon
HM:  Ulrike Appelt-Merlin
 Lynn Cassels-Godaiva
Sanne Grandjean- Voidstep
Boudicca and her Chariot by Shana Bobbitt
2020 Performance

1. Shanna Bobbitt- Boudicca
2. Heather Jackson-Lain - Sato
3. Jackie Moore- Shabby Chic
4. Anna Dobrowolska- Skorie
5 .Glenn Rowling -Twix
6. Amanda Bowe- Raishan
7. Anne Field- Beauty Queen
8. Christine Sutcliffe- Namopaimo
Cold Ruru-TP
Elena Lemm-Silver Lining
Anne Field-2020
Mary Riordan-Crown Royal

Overall ChampionAndrea Brygidyr 
Reserve ChampionPatrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska