Thursday, September 24, 2020

Give me a "K"

It's been a while since I wrote a post about model horses, so today seemed like the perfect day to revisit Karen Crossley's alphabet series. Lynn wrote two "J" posts last month, so that brings us up to "K." I have four beautiful "Kh" resin and custom Arabs and half-Arabs to choose from, and originally, I planned to write about one of them.

That just didn't feel right, however. Karen was primarily an original finish collector, and as much as possible, I think I'd like to keep my entries focused on some of the older, factory produced members of my herd. So instead of Khompounded Interest, Khemecho, Khemonahar Ali or Khemotigre, I'd like to introduce you to KayCeeMoe.
KayCeeMo is Breyer #971, Iron Metal Chief. He was sculpted by Kathleen Moody and was released as a Limited Edition in 1997.
Mine has beautifully painted, bi-colored eyes.
I bought him the year he was released. I was twenty eight, newly married and living in Memphis, Tennessee. 
That was about the same time that I started getting back into the hobby, so KayCeeMo went right into my show string.
I didn't have much in the way of tack or props, but I used what I had to squeeze him into as many classes as possible.
The Western photos were taken in my backyard in Memphis.
The English pictures were taken a couple years and a thousand miles later.
The doll was made by Traci Durrell-Khalife.
The tack and props were made by me.
KayCeeMo's photo show performance career spanned several years. He wasn't a super star, but he won his share, first in the Original Finish Collectors'Club and later in MEPSA.
I also took him to at least one live show, as evidenced by this picture from March Madness 1999.
KayCeeMo has spent the last decade living in a tub. It was fun getting him out for some new pictures. Thanks for the inspiration, Karen. Now I'm passing the baton to Anne for the letters "L" and "M."

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  1. I have actually gone and reread parts of Karen's Dust Ponies blog this week. They are still fresh.

    My Iron Metal Chief, purchased in 1997 too, somehow ended up in my husband's hands... one of only 5 horses to do so.