Sunday, September 6, 2020

PPP results: Margaret

The third judge for the Pandemic Performance Panorama was my friend, Margaret Balch. Margaret is not as high profile as Mindy or I, but she is sharp eyed and very performance savvy. I knew she'd do a great job, but I was still blown away when she submitted her results with a comment about every photo. I definitely do owe her a drink!

There were SO MANY great photos! I know all of us judges kind of focused on different aspects of things for our judging. My main focus was the actual "Performance" aspect. As such, I tended to favor entries where there was actually being something performed - however as you can see by results that wasn't always the case. Some photos just stood out to me in the other areas that they outweighed the "performance" aspect. 

I applaud everyone for taking the time to be enter their photos. The amount of creativity was just awesome to see. So even if you didn't place in the top 6 just know that you still did awesome. Kudos to all of you!

To Jennifer: Thanks  again for creating another fun hobby event. This was a doozy to judge, but I had a blast. Next time we meet up in person though you owe me a drink ;) 
Beauty Queen by Anne Field
Bad Performance

1. Beauty Queen - Anne Field (This photo physically made me twitch. Definitely the definition of BAD)
2. Confetti - Cold Ruru (I laughed when I noticed the boot left in the stirrup)
3. Jolly Jumper - Dora Duftschmied (The definition of stubborn. Props to the rider for trying)
4. Queen of Thorns - Dani Youdris (The wacky arm waving inflatable tube man is a great prop)
5. Tárrega - Ulrike Appelt (I liked the perspective of this, and the movement in the streamer obstacle)
6. Princess - Mary Riordan: (I enjoy the overall composition of this photo, and I think we can all relate to the school horse who had something else in mind...)

Honorable Mentions
EA The Alchemist - Christine Sutcliffe (Cute photo and I loved the snow)
Radiant Disciple - Dani Youdris (I loved the use of the props and the general composition)
Sanne Grandjean  (All of your photos were very cute and I loved the use of perspective and focus with your dolls and horses!)
EA Big Red by Christine Sutcliffe
Teeny Tiny Performance

1. EA Big Red - Christine Sutcliffe (I love the "Performance-Inception". That's a fabulous super mini diorama, and gotta love the NaMoPaiMo shout out)
2. Valentine - Lindsay Myers (I love the Hobbit Hole diorama, and the tack is very well fitted on this mini)
3. EA Incobnito - Christine Sutcliffe (Very pleasing composition, I can just imagine seeing something like that at a real horse show)
4. BES SuperNova - Hannah Mahardy (Lovely diorama. I also love the use of light in this photo especially with how it plays on the "water")
5. Falkor - Cynthia Diaczynsky (Good use of the background with your photo. Love the tiny bling-y browband)
6. Tzigane - Clémentine Bonnin (What a sweet donkey with such a sweet bow!)

Honorable Mentions
BES TooBusyBein'AGentleman - Hannah Mahardy (Such a cute little pony, will his short little legs be able to carry him over the jump??)
WS Tiny Tim - Jackie Radwanski (I love the "Performance-Inception" set up, and that's a really lovely mini diorama)
Hugh Can Do It - Anne Field (What a fun, creative concept!)
Bear Sings by Jackie Moore
Vintage Performance

1. Bear Sings - Jackie Moore (Everything about this just reminds me of Vintage Performance!)
2. Not Dun Yet - Anne van der Weel (I love the costume, the little bit of fencing that the horse is tied to, and your angle and lighting really worked with a glossy model.)
3. Bonnaroo - Steph Blaylock (I love this scene and what you've done with your vintage barn.)
4. False Arrest - Elaine Lindelef (Another quintessentially vintage photo. Nice use of wire/fishing line to suspend the horse mid-air. I also am impressed with the apparent fit of the bridle for being in the early 80s!)
5. Pablo (& Henriette) - Dora Duftschmied (Great documentation and a lovely set up to match it)
6. Callarys TG Bright - Ulrike Appelt (I want to be out riding along the pond with her! I hope your vintage boy stays with you for many more photos to come)

Honorable Mentions
Astra Shenanigans - Elaine Lindelef ( This is a lovely set up!)
Trigger, Apache, & Brighty - Jae Conway (This is a fun photo of some vintage models. It looks like it could be a shot for their album cover)
Spike - Corina Roberts (A more modern film photo, but I love the depth to this photo with the horses following down the trail behind him)
Ostara owned by Ulrike Appelt
Outdoor Performance

1. Ostara - Ulrike Appelt (If you look at this photo too quickly you could swear it was a real horse! I am really impressed with how you've managed to have the tarp draped behind the horse, it looks very realistic)
2. Tzigane - Clémentine Bonnin (What an unusual piece of documentation, I love it!)
3. Anazeh - Beth Rappleyea (A simple, pleasing liberty scene)
4. Storm (& Rain Man) - Corina Roberts (The lighting, natural backdrop, and perspective on this are all lovely)
5. Orange Juice Moon - Heather Jackson-Lain (A simple, but cute set up bringing in some pop culture. I just have to know, did she catch any shinies?)
6. Namo Victim - Anne van der Weel (This is very creative, and a great use of props. It gave me a good laugh)

Honorable Mentions
Takalah - Ulrike Appelt (This looks like it could be the cover of a magazine)
Najeli - Ulrike Appelt (Another one that looks like it could be the cover of the magazine. You have a great sense of perspective in your photos!)
Bonnaroo - Steph Blaylock (I love getting to share in the view that Bonnaroo has out of his stall.)
Inky - Christine Sutcliffe (You've created a great setup modeled after your character in Skyrim, I definitely appreciate that attention to detail!)
Incidental Kiss by Andrea Brygidyr
Stable Performance

1. Incidental Kiss - Andrea Brygidyr (Nice concept and execution! It all works well together)
2. Krakus - Jaime Rowling (What a quaint stable. I love the variety of props you've got in your setup. Each time you look at the picture you can spot something new)
3. Hawk - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska (He is a naughty pony indeed! I love the dog sitting there probably thinking "You shouldn't be doing that, man")
4. Marry (& Anakara) - Ulrike Appelt (This looks like a photo I would have taken at the barn on a snowy morning)
5. Tzigane - Clémentine Bonnin (I love the use of props and the little details you've added (like a cat playing with the end of the cord)
6. Georgie Porgie - E. Baird (Who wouldn't love a serenade in the afternoon? Nice setup)

Honorable Mentions
Nemo - Sanne Grandjean (A cute washstall setup that's very nicely lit)
Wild Rose (& Estella) - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska (I love the background for this one)
"That photo" by Christine Sutcliffe
Naked Performance

1. That Photo - Christine Sutcliffe (I just love everything about this)
2. Tzigane - Clémentine Bonnin (Such a patient donkey. I do hope that those cowboys put on sunscreen!)
3. Ima Spotless Pinto - Anne van der Weel (I good balance between props/tack and nakedness)
4. Cookie - Corina Roberts (A well trained cutting horse doesn't need any tack and Cookie shows that)
5. Purdy Zippin Chick - Anne Field (Another photo that made me laugh. I don't envy those ladies...)
6. Mr. Bones - Dora Duftschmied (So naked that they are only bones! I love the lighting and smoke)

Honorable Mentions
Ahead of Himself - E. Baird (Cute concept! I like the moody tone the lighting gives.)
Henriette - Dora Duftschmied (Another one that made me laugh. Don't mess with the bull (or in this case, cow, or you'll get the horns (and lose your pants!!))
Teddy by Danielle Dunn
Sparkly Performance

1. Teddy - Danielle Dunn (What a good boy to stand still while glitter exploded in his face!)
2. Beauty Queen - Anne Field (When I think of sparkly-bling and horses, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Western Pleasure!)
3. Parade - Leah Smith (I'm a sucker for the holidays, and this is a nice parade representing my favorites!)
4. Time to Panic - Erica Ferguson (I laughed at the "glitter cannon", the rider definitely got her wish for the most glitter possible!)
5. BES Strictly Taboo - Hannah Mahardy (After Western Pleasure, silver parade tack are what I next think of when it comes to sparkly-bling and horses. This is a nice little setup, and the horse's appaloosa spots give him his own "sparkle" to go with his parade tack.)
6. Midas Touch - September Rennie-White (I love the gold against the black background. I also love the gold tack and how well it matches his color.)

Honorable Mentions
Macro - Leah Smith (A nice interpretation of "sparkly"!)
Ghost - Anna Dobrowolska (The background and glitter are so perfect for a unicorn I almost didn't notice that he didn't actually have a horn)
Cloudwalker - Katherine Snively (I love the use of the fairy lights and bits of fluff for the clouds!)
1. 1:1 - 1:9 - 1:64 by Andrea Brygidyr
Mixed Scale Performance

1. 1:1 - 1:9 - 1:64 - Andrea Brygidyr (The composition on this is just lovely, and it's such a neat concept)
2. Chocolate Never Lies - Anne van der Weel (This made me laugh, clever interpretation of the MIXed SCALEs class name. The horse seems very happy to jump this unconventional cross country jump)
3. Innuendo - Barb DiAnnibella (If you took the rider, obstacle, and fence and made them the same scale as the horse you would be left with a lovely 1/9 scale trail entry and I think that fits the Mixed Scales theme perfectly)
4. WS Barney Rubble - Jackie Radwanski (This is such a pleasing pair x 2!)
5. Show Table Scramble - Christine Sutcliffe (I can relate to this image so matter how hard I try to keep my show table clean is always ends up a jumbled mess of all my horses)
6. Balta'Czar - Lindsay Myers (This was another one that made me laugh. I do hope that was a hardboiled egg!)

Honorable Mentions
Cisco2 - Fabian Rodriguez (Model Cisco is the spitting image of this real life counterpart, although I do wonder if model Cisco has the appropriate brand...?)
Performance Championships - Christine Sutcliffe (I love the variety of scales and disciplines you've got represented here. I agree with Max, picking a winner IS tricky!)
Wind Rose - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska (I really love this stable. It's also nice that I can't imagine it would hurt too bad if that horse nipped your fingers while trying to eat the carrots)
Max & Christine Sutcliffe (I really enjoy a well done "performance inception" photo, and this one is no exception. I particularly love that you coordinated your outfit to match Max's)
Untitled by Katherine Snively
Other Animal Performance

1. Untitled - Katherine Snively (I loved this game and this setup made me laugh so hard)
2. Wiz - Jaime Rowling (It looks like Wiz is doing a great job on his run through the agility course)
3. Brutus & Waldi - Dora Duftschmied (There seems to be some intense competition at the dog show! I really like the graphics you printed)
4. Shorthorn - Fabian Rodriguez (Simple setup, but nice composition!)
5. Sissyx - Elaine Lindelef (That is a very expressive salute. I especially love that the man-chicken(???) rider is wearing boots.)
6. Ginger - Dani Youdris (What a Good Dog to be taking such good care of their owner)

Honorable Mentions

Zelda - Jackie Stover (Who WOULDN'T want a surprise puppy for their birthday!!)
Mesquite - Lynn Cassels-Caldwell (This is another one that made me laugh. Ouch!)
Baxter - Christine Sutcliffe (What a naughty dog! I do love all of the details and props in your setups. Those are some truly epic purple dinosaur slippers Max is wearing)
Mark by Lindsay Gunzburger
Altered Reality Performance

1. Mark - Lindsay Gunzburger (You did a great job with the placement of the model in to your real photo, you'd swear it was real when you first look at it)
2. Great Gatsby - Erica Ferguson (What a neat way to create a lasting image for yourself of the memories you shared)
3. Jayfeather - Dani Youdris (This is just a really cool image)
4. Madara - Andrea Brygidyr (Lovely editing on this one as well!)
5. Skittles - Jackie Moore (This was a neat idea!)
6. Burton Guster - Lindsay Myers (This one made me chuckle and then think of Heffalumps & Woozles)

Honorable Mentions
Autumn Winds - Fabian Rodriguez (This just looks like a dream come true for you!)
Send My Love - Maddy Rideout (It's hard to even tell this is a model!)
Boudicca's Chariot by Shana Bobbitt
2020 Performance

1. Boudicca - Shana Bobbitt (This is a great overall setup. I love that you made everything yourself, and even incorporated real fire)
2. ST3 Raishan - Amanda Bowe (I love all of the mini props you've got in this. And I'm all for bringing back the Pony Express if it will decrease shipping times!)
3. Crown Royal - Mary Riordan (For being "murder hornets" they are surprisingly cute. This was a cute idea)
4. Max & Juno NaMoPaiMo 2020 - Christine Sutcliffe (Ahh yes, February much things have changed since then! I great setup from you as always, I'm glad the models can still keep us all together online even if we have to be apart physically)
5. Shabby Chic - Jackie Moore (Very responsible for the protesters to be wearing masks. This is definitely a good representation of 2020 events
6. Sorprisa in Silver - E. Baird (I think we ALL wish we could get a real pony for having to endure this pandemic)

Honorable Mentions
Wasabi - Sondra Householder (This indeed sums up the chaos and madness of this year
Sato - Heather Jackson-Lain (I imagine this is what a lot of us look like now while holed up in our houses for so long)

Overall Champion: Christine Sutcliffe (You had such a wide variety of photos that I really loved. It takes a lot of skill to get good photos of really tiny things and you've nailed that)
Overall Reserve Champion: Clémentine Bonnin (Your entries with Tzigane were very creative and I truly loved some of the documentation you were able to find)


  1. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this show happen I had a blast this August prepping entries! :D I'm so glad the goose made you laugh. I also have to go back through the albums I missed a lot of these incredible photos!

    1. Haha when I bought that game I played straight through the 1st round in one setting, gleefully laughing the whole time.

      When I saw your entry I cackled and thought what an excellent setting a stable would be for Goose to be set loose in if the game did an expansion 😆