Sunday, September 20, 2020

Emergency kittens + Fraggle

I keep thinking, "This it it. We have reached the bottom. It's going to start getting better now."

Then, of course, it gets worse. 

Friday night was really rough, but on Saturday the universe - in the form of Bobbie Allen -  gifted me with a whole carload of emergency kittens.
These kittens were born to the feral barn cat Bobbie and her husband inherited when they bought their new home last year. 
They are sweet and perfect and Bobbie would love to keep them, but no one - except, perhaps, Stephanie Blaylock - needs nine cats.
So Bobbie is delivering three of her pandemic kittens to friends in Arizona. The other two are along for the ride, in hopes that they'll also find homes.
But wait, it gets better.
Bobbie also brought her best rooster, Fraggle.
Look at him!
This made my entire week!
Fraggle is not adoptable, but two of these little cuties are. 
If you would like a pandemic kitten delivered to you door and you live somewhere between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Phoenix Arizona, hit me up. There's still time to make this happen!


  1. Kittens!! I wish! <3

    And Fraggle is amazing.

  2. A new kitten Jen? Daring, aren't we?

  3. OMG kittens! I found a kitten at the park in June, got him cleaned up, and adopted him out to a coworker. My two older cats weren't on board with a baby brother but the coworker had a young cat who needed a buddy. She sends me pictures of them playing and cuddling together.

  4. I needed this pick me up this week (or rather year!) Thanks for posting about the kittens and Fraggle, -what a perfect name for him! :).

  5. The Fraggle road trip was one of the biggest highlights of the year. Okay, it was supposed to be "the kitten road trip", but I think we all know who the star really was. Stopping to visit you was the best part of it.