Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Pictures from today's ride

Today is the first day of fall. I celebrated the change of season with my three best barn buddies and four good horses.
We headed out along the wide trail on the south side of the creek bed.

photo by Therese Gould
It was hot, so we decided to drop into the river bottom and ride home through the trees.
At first the going was easy.
Then it got a little swampy.
It's hard to tell in this picture, but the area to our right is marsh and the golden plants are cat tails.
The next section of trail has been unpassable most of the year. Because of this, the trail is almost hidden under the foliage. We found it, though!
Thanks to the beavers, there are downed trees everywhere. We stepped over some...
and squeezed between others.
It was not an easy ride, but it was glorious.
We all had a great time, even the horses.
photo by Therese Gould
Fall is usually my favorite season, but this is 2020. I've learned not to expect great things. Still, today was good. Hopefully tomorrow will be, too.

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  1. 'Not easy but glorious' is a phrase my family uses too. Congratulations! I hope and believe you will have many more such rides.