Saturday, September 26, 2020

Another dragon

Infinity Breyers Co isn't the only hobbyist dreaming of dragon horses this year. I also have a dragon costume on my work desk.

Unlike Trinity, I did not make this from scratch. It's based on a seven dollar guinea pig costume that I bought at PetsMart. This is how it looked before my alterations.
Here it is on a horse. It's a little bit big, and the belly band doesn't work at all.
The first thing I did was remove all the Velcro and cut off the belly pieces.
These aren't discards. Eventually, I'll use them to make some kind of face piece or leg wraps.
Next, I shortened up the front of the blanket and added straps all the way around. These are made from 1/8" and 1/4" grosgrain ribbon and Rio Rondo photo etched hardware.
The last step was to sew a piece of green floral wire along the line of stitching at the front of each wing. This allows the wings to be posed.
At this point, the costume is basically done. 
I'll make it a halter eventually, but for right now, I'm calling it good.
And, you know, it is good...
Especially when you remember that it started out as a seven dollar guinea pig costume!