Sunday, September 6, 2020

PPP results: Jennifer

Here is the first batch of results from the Pandemic Performance Panorama. This is section I judged, and I can not overstate how tight the placings were. The classes were huge, and all the entries were so good. Even with my liberal awarding of honorable mentions, a lot of top class photos were unrewarded. Please do not be discouraged if you didn't win anything. And if you did, congratulations. Your entry truly was awesome!
Vito owned by Dora Duftschmied
Bad Performance (85)

1. Vito - Dora Duftschmied (I swear I have taken this exact photo at a real horse show!)
2. Confetti - Cold Ruru
3. Anything Goes - Maddy Rideout
4. Atom - Lindsay Myers
5. Jolly Jumper - Dora Duftschmied
6. Canuck's Maple Edge - Danielle Dunn

Honorable Mentions: Lemon Tart - Bethany Shaw, Radiant Disciple - Dani Youdris, $!@#*$@!! - Karen Gerhardt, Anise Vaan Havas - Ulrike Appelt, WF Andanza - Michelle Eisley, Al Capone-y - Louise Stuteley, BES NeverTickleASleepingDragon - Hannah Mahardy
Pluto Evasia owned by Sondra Householder
Teeny Tiny Performance (71)

1. Pluto Evasia - Sondra Householder (This scene is perfectly realized, right down to the tiny mouse pelts.)
2. Aurelius - Lynn Cassels-Caldwell
3. Micro Banei Racing - Andrea Brygidyr
4. Valentine - Lindsay Myers
5. WS Tiny Tim - Jackie Radwanski
6. Thomas and Toby - Theresa Johnson

Honorable Mentions: Hugh Can Do It - Anne Field, BES SuperNova - Hannah Mahardy, EA Big Red - Christine Sutcliffe, Never Say Never - Beth Rappelyea
Bonnaroo and friends by Stephanie Blaylock
Vintage Performance (70)

1. Bonnaroo - Stephanie Blaylock (I love the vintage barn and all the portrait models so much)
2. WS Victor - Jackie Radwanski
3. False Arrest - Elaine Lindelef
4. The Old Man -Leah Smith
5. Ludwig - Dora Duftshmied
6. Shock - Sondra Householder

Honorable Mentions: Morning Star - Cold Ruru, Tarzan the Wonder Horse - Kerry Lawrynovicz, *Zllegantnost - Elaine Lindelef, Callarys TG Bright - Ulrike Appelt, A Good Year? - Betsy Denning
Tekalah owned by Ulrike Appelt
Outdoor Performance (103)

1. Takalah - Ulrike Appelt (This photo is gorgeous)
2. Leia - Sanne Grandjean
3. Flaxen Queen - Andrea Brydgidyr
4. EAE Simba - Christine Sutcliffe
5. Ghost Beads - Sondra Householder
6. Snow Motion - Erika Baird

Honorable Mentions: Citronello - September Rennie-White, Rummie - Jamie Rowling, Time of Plenty - Corina Roberts
Elly owned by Ulrike Appelt
Stable Performance (68)

1. Elly - Ulrike Appelt (Another beautiful picture. I love the patience of the tacked pony)
2. Balou - Sanne Grandjean
3. Wild Rose and Estella - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska 
4. Starbomb - Cold Ruru
5. Roadshow - Leah Smith
6. Georgie Porgie - Erika Baird

Honorable Mentions: Incidental Kiss - Andrea Brygidyr, Mountain Sunshine - Corina Roberts, Krakus - Jamie Rowling, Aramis - Sanne Grandjean,  Hawk - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska, Pablo - Dora Duftschmied, Whispered Rumours - Dora Duftschmied,
A Different Kind of Show by Christine Sutcliffe
Naked Performance (69)

1. A Different Kind of Show - Christine Sutcliffe (A perfect entry)
2. Candy Boy - Anna Dobrowolska
3. Ugly Duckling - Cold Ruru
4. Tzigane - Clementine Bonnin
5. Henriette and Heinrich - Dora Duftschmied
6. Naked Prepping - Theresa Johnson

Honorable Mentions: White Wizard - Ulrike Appelt, Ahead of Himself - Erika Baird, Whiteware Hunter Pairs - Andrea Brygidyr, Rose Mare E - Sondra Householder, Naked Sheep Gymkhana - Anne van der Weel, Purdy Zippin Chick - Anne Field
Time to Panic by Erica Ferguson
Sparkly Performance (53)

1. Time to Panic - Erica Ferguson (Literally the sparkly-est performance picture ever)
2. Teddy - Danielle Dunn
3. Parade - Leah Smith
4. Ghost - Anna Dobrowolska
5. Gimli - Sanne Grandjean
6. The Treasures of the Sultan - Sanne Grandjean

Honorable Mentions: Tzigane - Clementine Bonnin, Midas Touch - September Rennie-White, Jednorozec - Ulrike Appelt, Khal-El - Kerry Lawrynovicz
1:1-1:9-1:64 by Andrea Brygidyr
Mixed Scale Performance (62)

1. 1:1-1:9-1:64 - Andrea Brygidyr (An elegant, classic, perfect image. Great title, too)
2. Chocolate Never Lies - Anne van der Weel
3. Wind Rose - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska 
4. Cisco - Fabian Rodriguez
5. Stormblessed - Tara Reich
6. Bercouli and Kabuki - Elaine Lindelef

Honorable Mentions: Circus Horse Auditions - Lynn Isenbarger, Me and Max - Christine Sutcliffe, Minty - Anne Harder, WS Barney Rubble - Jackie Radwanski,  Marius - Ulrike Appelt, Balta'Czar -Lindsay Myers, Innuendo - Barb DiAnnibella, WF Andanza and TF Nelio - Michelle Eisley, Big Red - Cynthia Diaczynsky
Tzigane by Clementine Bonnin
Other Animal Performance (68)

1. Tzigane - Clementine Bonnin (Multiple animals performing together. It's so good)
2. Mesquite - Lynn Cassels-Caldwell
3. Sissyx - Elaine Lindelef
4. Ginger - Dani Youdris
5. Dinotopia - Michelle Eisley
6. Colossal Rexy - Stormy Morrell

Honorable Mentions: Mice - Christine Sutcliffe, The First Rays of the Sun - Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska, Bacon - Anne Field, Tarryall - Fabian Rodriguez, Gimli - Sanne Grandjean, Tubbs the cat - Heather Jackson-Lain, Food Fight - Leah Smith
Henny Penny by Sondra Householder
Real Animal Performance (18) For some reason, I did not anticipate people that people would enter real animals in this class. That wasn't my intention, but they were all so cute, I made them their own subsection.

1. Chickie Gadiva - Sondra Householder (I am in love with this chick)
2. Radar O'Ratley - Heather Jackson-Lain
3. Winnie and the Wild Stallions - Corina Roberts
4. Prickles and Natoma Bey - Anne Harder
5. Mr. Sweets - Jae Conway
6. Simon - Anne Harder

Honorable Mentions: Intrepid - Anne Harder, Zell - Tara Reich
Altered Reality Performance (50)
Great Gatsby by Erica Ferguson
Altered Reality Performance (50)

1.  Great Gatsby - Erica Ferguson (Really good concept and execution)
2. Send My Love - Maddy Rideout 
3. Jayfeather - Dani Youdris
4. Madara - Andrea Brygidyr
5. BES Drake - Hannah Mahardy
6. Voidstep - Sanne Grandjean

 Honorable Mentions: Stretch - Julia Turner, Riding Bryce Canyon - Lindsay Gunzburger In My Dreams - Corina Roberts, Pokemon Alternate Universe, Skittles - Jackie Moore
Boudicca's Chariot by Shana Bobbitt
2020 Performance (66)

1. Boudicca's Chariot - Shana Bobbitt (This is once of this year's most epic and memorable photos. I'm so glad you entered it in this class)
2. Daughtry - Dani Youdris
3. Skorie - Anna Dobrowolska
4. Shabby Chic - Jackie Moore
5. Twix - Glenn Rowling
6. Crown Royal - Mary Riordan

Honorable Mentions: Sato - Heather Jackson-Lain, Silver Lining - Elena Lemm, Beauty Queen - Anne Field, Art Will Endure - Sanne Grandjean, Bobby Blue Shoes - Anne van der Weel, Nott- Morwenna Rakestraw, the Stablemate Ensemble - Louise Stuteley

Overall Champion: Ulrike Appelt
Overall Reserve Champion: Erica Ferguson


  1. Congratulations, everyone! All of the entries were so, so good!!

  2. Oohh, man!! Was that tough judging! I am so glad to see more of Ulrike Appelt, whom I knew to be a good photographer.

  3. Yay! I see my name in there a few times! Thank you!!!