Thursday, June 21, 2018

Zebras, too

Zebras also aren't horses, but for the purposes of this blog, they're close enough. In fact, I've written no less than a dozen zebra posts in the almost ten years I've maintained this blog.
This post is a unlike the others in that instead of focusing on Grevy's zebras at the Denver zoo, it's Grant's zebras at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
That may sound like splitting hairs, but they're actually quite different.
The Grant's zebras are shorter and more pony-like, with smaller ears...
and more refined heads.
They also have much broader stripes.
Partway through my visit with the Cheyenne Mountain herd, one of the zebras retreated into his hut.
This allowed me to take a whole series...
of black background pictures.
Oh, I love these! 
What a good zebra. 
The giraffes are the undisputed stars of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but on this particular Sunday, the Grant's zebras were a very close second.

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