Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zoo stripes

Today Ryan, James, Javier and I went to the Denver Zoo.
I like all the animals, but the equids are my favorites...
so we visited the Grevy's Zebras first.
I was hoping to see little Xena, but the only youngster in the zebra pen was a droopy little colt.
See?  Droopy!
Even his mane is droopy!
Most zebras have manes that stand up vertically...
but droopy colt's mane flops over to the side, almost like a horse's.
Both his mother...
and father have normal zebra manes.  
I wonder if his mane will stay this way?
Mongolian Wild Horses are next!


  1. One thing I miss about living in CA was being close to several zoos - I love visiting them!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures! Droopy is adorable. XD

  2. Droopy is so adorable! Hope he stays droopy <3