Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zoo preview

A couple days ago, I asked Ryan and James what they wanted to do during their spring break.  Neither one of them had much in the way of acceptable suggestions, so that meant I got to pick the first destination.  I chose the Denver Zoo.

Don't they look excited?
Over the kids' objections, our first destination was the Grevy's zebra enclosure.  
The zebras were deeply immersed in their morning breakfast.
Although it pained me to admit it, the kids were right.
On this one occasion, the zebras were kind of boring.
We walked on.  In our travels we found a river horse...
and determined that James can not jump as far as a horse.
Eventually we wound up at the Mongolian Wild Horse Pen.
Like the zebras, the takhi were eating. 
Unlike the zebras, however, they were anything but boring.
In fact, they were so interesting that tomorrow they will get a post all of their own!


  1. Zoo Day!! Haven't been to the Denver Zoo in so many years. Thanks for sharing your zoo day!

  2. The Denver Zoo has changed a lot in the last decade. The entrance is different now, and the new and expanded elephant exhibit opens June 1. We peeked at it through the fence and it looks amazing. We'll definitely have to schedule a visit before the summer is over.