Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The year of other animals

My hobby year began with a trip to Austin, Texas for Shannnon Southard's A Midwinter Night's Ball. When packing for the show, I left a little bit of space in my suitcase  just in case a pony followed me home. As luck would have it, one did!
However, the weekend's biggest score wasn't a horse at all. It was this beautiful china Siamese cat by Animal Artistry.. 
A month later, I fell head over heals in love with Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko's Wrona resin during NaMoPaiMo.
bay pinto Wrona painted by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko, dun Wrona painted by Natalie Nimblette
I decided I had to own one, so I placed an order and was absolutely delighted when she arrived with a bonus woolly friend.
Beep beep! It's a sheep. I love her almost as much as I love Wrona.
In April, I attended Heather Malone's spectacular Rocky Mountain Spring Fling show. My performance pony won the Best in Show china Caprice, and my name was pulled for the Levi raffle. Those were both really great moments, but I was almost as excited when Pixel and Aeh won this resin kitty in the cat class.
More recently, I've acquired a new cow... 
and a llama.  
I think I love the llama as much as I love the sheep.
It's clear that 2018 is the Year of Other Animals.
I can't wait to see what the second half of the year will bring.

P.S. I am hoping for a camel!

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  1. I can't wait to find out if you do get a camel! Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Massachusetts; now all the 'good china' is put away and I get to go back to reading through your blog. My 87yr old mother just moved in with me from Walsenburg. Once we finish unpacking and reorganizing, I am really looking forward to trying out my first halter. Again, thanks for all your inspiration, sharing of zebra pictures, and I do hope you get a camel.