Friday, June 15, 2018

The week in tack

Despite, or perhaps because of, all the other things going on in my life, this has been a surprisingly productive studio week. I've all but finished two of the tooled collaboration saddles.
A lot of people have inquired about these. I appreciate the interest, but I don't expect either of this will ever go up for sale.
The dark one is mine, the light one is Tiffany's and the one that still needs to be assembled belongs to Erin. 
I also completed two shiny Western Pleasure bridles. 
Like the saddles, one of these will stay here.
The other is my entry for this year's MEPSA Tack Making Contest.
But that's enough showing off... There's still a lot of unfinished projects on my desk. It's time to get back to work!


  1. Figures those beauties are “staying in the family,” still, it’ll be awesome to see more of the three of them in live show pictures!