Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer fun

The boys and I made our annual summer trip to the Denver Zoo last week. The weather was wonderful and all the animals were awake and lively. Nowhere was this more evident than the Grevy's Zebra pen.Like most horse lovers, I'm fascinated by zebras and I always want to linger at their enclosure. Usually this is pretty boring for everyone else. Not this time, however!These two zebras were really feeling their oats.
They couldn't seem to leave each other alone. It just went on and on and on!
I had the best time watching them.
And as you can see, I took a lot of photos.
Every now and then it would look like they might settle down...
but then they'd be all over each other again!
Ya know, they kind of reminded me of my kids!


  1. Their skin is just amazing.. striped but so smooooth looking, too..

  2. I just snorted my diet coke when I read your line above the last photo! It sure describes my 6 year old twin boys! Love it!