Saturday, June 2, 2018

A/O Workmanship at RMSF

Like the London Model Horse Club Show, Rocky Mountain Spring Fling also included an Amateur Owner Workmanship Division sponsored by NaMoPaiMoJennifer Scott did the judging honors, and the classes were surprisingly full.
I showed a handful of horses, including Agatha
 and Navah Joe
I brought Maeve, but since she was sculpted by Jenn, I didn't show her.
Here's a picture of the callback table. There were several NaMoPaiMo horses!
And the winner is... Navah Joe!
Like Emma, I chose not to keep my Van Gogh medallion. Instead, I passed it down to the third place winner. The same can not be said for the championship rosette.
I don't usually keep ribbons, but this one is gorgeous. It's currently on display in my studio.
Thank you, Heather, for supporting Amateur Owner artists. I really enjoyed this division and hope to see it flourish in the future!