Sunday, June 9, 2013

New at the zoo, part one

On May 31st, the Denver Zoo issued a press release announcing the arrival of a Mongolian Wild Horse foal.  The foal, who was sired by Bartaar and is out of Yisun, is the first birth of its species at Denver Zoo in more than 20 years. 

Of course, I immediately started making plans to see her in person.  Ryan and James weren't terribly interested (!), so I went with my best friend, Carol, instead.  We entered the zoo and headed straight for the Mongolian Wild Horse exhibit.  The foal was out, but she and her mother were napping.
Honestly, I would have been happy to stay and watch her sleep... 
However, we decided we'd let her rest while we checked out some of our other favorites.  There included the Arctic foxes, 
the cheetahs, 
(more cheetah), 
African Wild Dogs,  
Somali Wild Asses,  
and the Grevy's  zebras.
Like Yisun and her foal, most of the zebras were napping.
(I love it when they sleep with their chins on the ground!)
Even though they weren't lively, I spent a lot of time at the zebra pen.  The light was nice, and I was able to get some good close up pictures of their faces... 
and ears! 
Eventually we found our way back to the Mongolian Wild Horse enclosure.  I was delighted to discover that our plan worked perfectly.
Yisun and her baby were wide awake...
and on the move! 
Prepare yourself.  Extreme Mongolian Wild Horse foal cuteness awaits!


  1. I think God must have just had a blast creating all these fascinating creatures! The markings on the cheetah's faces are just amazing to me!

    1. Before I became fixated on horses, big cats were my favorite animals. My early childhood was filled with shows like Wild, Wild World of Animals and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. The best episodes featured cheetahs. I absolutely loved the cheetahs.

      The big cat stage lasted until my Brownie troop went on a group trail ride. Someone showed me how to make the horse trot, and just like that, all my obsessional energy got funneled into horses.

      I still like cheetahs, though.


  2. ....speechless...