Friday, August 20, 2010

Equids at the Denver Zoo

Usually the kids and I start every summer vacation with a trip to the zoo. This summer, however, nothing nothing has gone according to plan. First it was too hot. Then we were too unemployed. The weeks passed and it looked as if our zoo trip wasn't going to happen.

That all changed yesterday. With just days left on our summer vacation, we finally made it to the zoo--hurray!

Unfortunately, the zoo equids were not as photogenic this year as they have been in years gone by. Most of the Mongolian Wild Horses (also known as Przewalkski's Horses or Takhi) were hiding in their stable.
This little mare was the only one who ventured out into the sunshine.
I waited and waited but she never did look over in my direction.
The Grevy's Zebras weren't much better. Mostly they hung out in the shade at the back of their enclosure.
Still, I was determined and did manage to catch a couple...
on the move.
I have to admit that I just love these zebras. It's not the stripes or the whiskers or even the big sad eyes...
It's the ears! I've never seen more expressive ears. One moment they're up...
and then all of a sudden they look like this!
Once again--ears up:
A moment later:
It's just too stinking cute!
There are lots more zoo pictures on my other blog. Honestly, though, even the Arctic Fox and baby California Sea Lion can't compare to the sheer cuteness of the Grevy's Zebra ears!


  1. I do love the ears too but I'm just fascinated by how smooth they look.. like porcelain.

  2. When I still lived in Memphis, I used to house sit occasionally for a wealthy family that was heavily involved in big game hunting. Their whole house was filled with "trophies." Basically think of any sort of wild animal and they had one there. It was kind of creepy, actually... Anyway, they had zebra hair rugs everywhere so I have felt my share of zebras. I was surprised by how coarse those rugs were. They didn't feel at all the way the zoo zebras look, but of course they might not have been Grevy's zebra rugs. I didn't ask. I purposely tried not to ask too many questions about the dead things in that house!

  3. I'm a sucker for pangare, so I adore Przewalkski's horses. As you probably know the Memphis zoo has a big herd of them.

    The family you used to house sit for reminds me of my super-wealthy cousin's family. We were at a fancy party at their house and my husband, who hadn't been warned, was kind of staring in dismay at the various exotic heads and hooves when my cousin started bragging about how amazingly beautiful the kudu had been in the wild. "And now it's dead," my husband said. Conversation got a little stiff after that.

  4. You remind me of my teacher, Mrs. Giles! She loved field trips and once even took us out to another country!!! She was the best teacher ever! :D

    Przwalski horses are supposed to be more.... I don't know... scared? They should have fled off into the shed right away! And the mare is beautiful by the way! :D I wish I could have seen her and all the others! Were there any stallions? If so, how did they act? Tried biting each other or acted sweet? =3

  5. Yeah... My dad has a few of his own"trophies". He has a huge Kudu and impala (sorry about the spelling!!) head on the wall in our living room anlong with a pair of elephant tusks -- which you can no longer get any more because their endangered! He also has a zebra skin/hide on the opposite wall and I agree, the fur isn't all that soft.

    Devon Comstock♥

  6. That last photo, ears akimbo! Love it!