Friday, May 8, 2015

Zoo ponies

Yesterday I chaperoned a seventh grade field trip to the Denver Zoo.
Each member of our group was encouraged to choose an animal to visit. I cheated and picked three. The first was the Somali Wild Ass
The second were the Grevy's zebras
We arrived at feeding time so they weren't interested in posing for photos... 
Still, I managed to get a few nice detail shots.
I love the way those stripes wrap around the bottom of the jaw.  So cute!
I think this is the droopy little colt featured in last year's zoo post. He's bigger now...
but his mane is still a mess! 
Of course my third choice was the Mongolian Wild Horses. These are my favorite zoo ponies, largely because I know some of  their names. This is the stallion Bartaar...
 and this is the venerable boss mare, Bernia.
I believe this dark faced mare is Yisun... 
and this one? I can't be certain but that just might be little Sube.
 She's very pretty, whoever she is. I love her zig zag mane!
I don't always enjoy middle school field trips, but this one was fun. So glad I went!

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