Saturday, June 16, 2018

Organizing my tack collection

In a recent post, blogger and tack maker Nichelle Jones discussed organizing her tack collection. Since I have also been working on that lately, I decided a blog hop was in order. Here is my take on the Nichelle's topic.

I own a lot of model horse tack. 

Most of it is grouped together with similar items and stored inside plastic storage boxes.
A few of the pieces are tucked inside baggies...
but most of it is a big, jumbled mess. 
This has become increasingly unsatisfactory, so I've begun the long, slow process of really, truly organizing my tack collection.
I'm using the same storage boxes, but now every single piece of tack is individually bagged. My bags of choice are these snack bags from the grocery store. They are super affordable, plus their long, skinny shape is just right for bridles.
I've also started making id tags for each piece. This makes it easier to identify things quickly, plus I really like the way they look. It's hugely satisfying to open my previously jumbled box and see all these neat baggies and tags!
So that's my take on organizing the tack collection. Does anyone else want to share their methods?


  1. I clearly need to start a tack collection just so that I can design ID tags and organize it. Looks great - now I'm off to read Nichelle's post!

    1. I have a tiny, beautiful halter by you, and it is still in its original bag with your business card. I feel like it would get lost in the snack baggie!

  2. Your organizing method is 1,000 times better than mine. XD I really love the idea of the tags and bagging everything separately!!

    I also kind of want to see your entire tack collection all together. :D

    1. I think your way works fine until you have the ridiculous amount of tack that I do. And there's no way I'm laying everything out on the bed. I find it's healthier to maintain a little bit of denial in regards to exactly how much of this stuff I own!


  3. I guess it's easy to organize when your tack collection consists of ONE halter, ONE saddle and ONE bridle... *grin*

  4. I do alright with my tiny totes and baggies, but I love this labeling system. If I start seriously collecting tack made by other tackmakers, this is probably what I’ll do!