Friday, March 25, 2016

There in spirit

Tiffany didn't go to BreyerWest. She wanted to, but that whole pesky work thing got in the way. 

I know how that feels.

But... Even though she wasn't there in person, she was definitely there in spirit.
She was there...
on the tables... 
at the open show. 
She was also there in every piece of sparkly pink tack in the vendor area...
and the barn. 
Mostly, however, she was there on Thursday when Leah got to open her first ever Purdy box.
There was a thoughtful card,
a lot of pink tissue paper, 
a Star Wars toy... 
no, not that kind of toy!...
and a package of breakfast lunch meat. 
Fortunately, there was something a lot better than ham in that container.
So Purdy!
It was also Purdy funny in a NSFW kind of way!
Starbucks cards for the three of us plus cash for halter purchases rounded out the offerings. 
I know you would have preferred to have been there in person, Tiffany, but you were definitely there in spirit. Your thoughtfulness, artistry and love of pink made a great weekend just a little bit Purdy-er!


  1. <3 you Tiffany, that box was so sweet! PHF Richard Squared is a *treasure*, Leah is so lucky!!

  2. This totally made me tear you guys so very much!

  3. The palomino was LOVELY...and the "inscription" priceless :)

  4. Random Question! I saw you are judging the Breyer Photo show, if we used breyer plastic tack or horses with ear rubs would our picture get graded down?

    1. All things being equal, I'd have to say yes, but all things are NEVER equal. I'm looking for the BEST overall entry. I don't get hung up on minor issues when the majority of the entry is great. Please enter!


  5. Tiffany is truly one of the kindest people in the hobby.

  6. Do I see a customized Stage Mom?! (sorry - love the mold!)