Monday, March 28, 2016

BreyerWest Saturday

BreyerWest Saturday was a busy day with many events, including the Youth Novice Show,
and Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's vintage show.
There was stablemate painting...
photo by Sandra Gibson
and an all day sculpting demonstration by Karen Gerhardt.
Cheryl Wood answered questions about the model horse hobby,
photo by Erin Corbett
Jackie Hasser taught everyone how to make pony pouches...
photo by Heather Malone
and Zana Goulding gave a seminar on How to Show Halter.
My only responsibility for the day was to present a short talk on performance showing for the Youth Novice show entrants.
photo by Erin Corbett
I didn't get to all my talking points, but I think it went pretty well.
photo by Erin Corbett
Most of my day was spent in the BreyerWest area, but I did take some breaks to walk around the stable area...
and the trade show.
I even made a couple...
tiny purchases.
This was such a fun day. I took a ton of photos, many of which I'll share in the next few posts!

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  1. I want to be your friend, you love life so much..hugs, Renee