Sunday, March 27, 2016

The packaging class

There were four Original Finish Halter divisions at the BreyerWest Open Show: OF Regular Run Halter,
OF Mini Halter, 
OF Special Run Halter (sorry, no  picture) and Collectability/Limited Run Halter. 
My favorite of these is Collectability, and my favorite Collectability class is Vintage Models In/With Packaging.
These are the models--and boxes--of my childhood. Looking at them is like taking a trip down memory lane.
I remember sorting through pegs of Stablemates just like this, looking for exactly the right one.
And oh, how I wanted one of these! 
This gift set was on my Christmas list for many, many years. Eventually, I did get the horse, but the halter and box eluded me.
Here's something I did own, although mine came with a Quarter Horse stallion rather than a Seabiscuit. I probably still have the models somewhere, but sadly, the barn was thrown away decades ago.
What a fun class! I'm so glad there are collectors who keep their boxes and not just the models that came inside them! 


  1. Nothing takes me back so fast to my childhood as seeing those white picture boxes...

  2. I wish I'd had more time to oogle all of these! Glad I can oogle via pictures at least. The Kipper is my favorite... I remember him being at the top of my want list as a kid.

  3. Oh yes. How can we forget those wonderful picture boxes? I wish I'd kept at least one, but we had no way of knowing they'd eventually be replaced by what we have today?