Monday, March 7, 2016


While I was busy judging the Classic Classic, Tiffany was showing at the Crystal Creek Riders Spring Show in Randolph, Wisconsin. Throughout the day, I'd hear my phone ping as she uploaded tagged photos to Facebook.  

First I saw PHF Baron Brass win multiple blue ribbons...
in his BCS harness. 
Later, I saw him go in showmanship,
and Western. 
 I also watched Peaches Dun Purdy win a few classes, with...
and without Braymere tack. 
"A few." 
All day I waited to see Purdy English Rose wear her really big girth (with girth extender) in the English division. That never happened. In fact, when it was all said and done, only one picture of Rose made it to Facebook.
When I asked for the rest of the photos, Tiffany told me that she'd only shown Rose in that one class. Further inquiry uncovered the sad truth: Tiffany had left Rose's brand new girth at home.

I'm sorry, Tiffany. I love you, but that is not okay. You are grounded until further notice. No more last minute tack for you!


  1. Come on I didn't mean it!!!! What if an extra pony made it to your house?????

    1. I like to think that I can be firm and resolute, but I'm pretty sure I can be bought with extra ponies.

  2. So funny!

    Baron Brass is *adorable*, by the way!

  3. Serious crush on Peaches Dun Purdy...

  4. I can't believe I missed this - I only live 15 minutes from there!