Thursday, March 24, 2016

BreyerWest people

As the BreyerWest Open Show was getting started, Lesli Kathman instructed everyone to take lots of photos, and not just of the models. 

"We've had some significant losses," she said. "We can't take each other for granted."

It's an important reminder, and one I took to heart. Today's post features some of my favorite people pictures from this year's BreyerWest. Thank you so much to everyone who posed and smiled for me!
Barb Ness, Lesli Kathman and Diana Patterson
Jaime Potkalesky from Breyer
Jackie Arns-Rossi and Heather Malone
Bethany Shaw
Betsy Valley
Ellie and Matt Bobbit
Dayle Steinke, Teresa Buzzell and Karen Gerhardt
Erin Corbett
Tim Corbett and Olive Hintz
Dayle Steinke and Lynn Weber
Erin Corbett and Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
Erin Corbett and Stacy Quick
Tracy Eilers, Leah Koerper and Erin Corbett
Shana Bobbitt
Sue Manly
Linda Bentz and Teresa Buzzell
Traci Durrell Khalife and Chris Breunig
Allie Davidson
Barb Ness
Mackenzie Purdy
Mandy Hood
Sandra Gibson
Kristin Arendt, Barb Ness and Amy McCudden
Meredith Conrad
Amanda Bowe
Trouble times two


  1. I LOVE this! It's great to get some faces behind the names.

  2. So many people I adore! Thank you! <3

  3. Wonderful pictures everyone!!! Great to see!

  4. Thanks for posting these - it's great to be able to put a face to so many hobby names!

  5. So many familiar names! Fun to put them together with faces. Thanks, Jennifer!

  6. Love this!!! Living in IL, I so seldom get to see photos of my friends in the west! Thank you!

  7. As so many others have mentioned - I love to finally put faces with the names I've read about for ages!

  8. I agree with all the people who are loving seeing faces to go with the names :)