Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stablemate painting with Lesli and Sarah, part two

Lesli and Sarah's first BreyerWest stablemate collaboration was so well received, they decided to make another one.
This one was a leopard Appaloosa pony. Lesli painted one side, and Sarah painted the other. 
Another masterpiece! 
They presented it to Erin, in recognition of the outstanding job she'd done managing BreyerWest 2016.
She was thrilled. 
Three awesome women. 
Erin named her pony "Mrs. Frizzle," and we were all just a little bit jealous!
Of course, Lesli and Sarah weren't the only hobbyists who painted stablemates at BreyerWest. By the end of the weekend, most of us had given it a try. My next post will be a gallery of our champions.

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