Thursday, March 3, 2016

Work life balance

Today I went riding.
Chino was his usual saintly self... 
and the after-ride picnic was especially enjoyable. 
I could have happily spent the entire day at the barn, but those pesky bills still need paying, so eventually I went home and worked on yesterday's saddle. It went together easily, and I am very pleased with how well the adjusted pattern fit together. Yay!
Today was a good day. All days should be like today.

P.S. This saddle will be for sale at BreyerWest. If you're in the market for a good traditional scale hunter saddle, be sure to find me there!


  1. Sounds like a fun day.

    I'm just a little bit jealous. My pony's lame and I was unable to find anyone willing to share.

  2. Sounds so fun!
    Chico is so adorable.... is it possible for a pony to become cuter every time you see it? :)
    Did you ride with anyone?

    1. Chino and I went out with Santana and his mom, Mindy. It was nice to ride with both of my favorite boys!

  3. Such a fuzzy pony!
    Gorgeous saddle... I won't be able to attend BreyerWest :(, but it can't hurt to ask: does a girth come with the (amazing) saddle?

    1. It will come with a girth, a pad and probably a bridle. Time permitting, there may even be a second saddle.

  4. What a fluffy and handsome dude! He's my kind of horse!