Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Last minute tack

Purdy English Rose is a very big girl.
According to Tiffany, she's so big she needs a brand new girth. This is hard for me to believe, as I'm pretty sure I made a girth for equally big Bruce last year, but whatever. 
I told Tiffany that I'd be happy to make her a girth. Unfortunately, I didn't ask her how soon she needed it. Last night, I found out that she needs it by Saturday. Ugh! 

So, today I made a really big girth.
I also made a girth extender just in case the really big girth isn't big enough. 
And since Tiffany's tack list is ever expanding, I somehow got talked into a nameplate halter.
Phew! That was a lot of work for one morning. 
Everything is now in the hands of the US Postal Service. Hope it makes it there on time!


  1. Love th3 pink tack you make for tiffany! Would love to one day own a pink and black saddle by you

  2. Best friend ever! You deserve another Purdy....kitty!

  3. That reminds me.... ;)

  4. Purdy English Rose is adorable! She's so sweet and gentle-looking.... I could look at her for hours!

    Yet *another* sparkly, pink padded halter? Soon Tiffany will want halters for all her horses!

  5. I *love* the girth extender!!!