Thursday, March 31, 2016

A good vintage

The Youth/Novice Show wasn't the only show held on BreyerWest Saturday. Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig also hosted A Good Vintage Live: a Vintage Custom Showcase.
Entries were sorted by date of creation displayed throughout the day. Judging was done by people's choice. Spectators were given tickets, which were placed in the cups alongside each model.
The red table was reserved for models created in the 1970's. There were only two of these, but they were both lovely. This little Hartland foal was customized by Maness in 1973! 
The Appaloosa Lady Phase is just a little bit younger, having been created by Ava Durbin in 1976.
Models from the 1980's were placed on the yellow table.
Many of the decade's most iconic artists were represented, including Kathy Maestas,
Laurie Jo Jensen. 
and Chris Cook (now Chris Flint).
This is  Bear Paw, an Adios customized by Candice Evans. He is believed to have been created in 1981.
Sunday Sweet Pea's artist was not listed, but she sure is cute.
The blue tables were filled with models from the 1990's.Miss Doo Little.
This is Miss Doo Little, aBreyer Quarter Horse Yearling which created in 1994. 
Many of these models, like Cece Osborn's Queen of Hearts, are still competitive in today's showring.
Love those Capwell spots!
This is Roxana el Shaklan, a Breyer PAM customized by Ray Ann Sneathen in 1991.
The next three models were all created by Michelle Grant.
 This amazing piece is Chinook's Desert Desire.
The Belgian is Chinook's H Colleen...
and the zebra is Chinook's Zarley Zalapski. I remember seeing this guy's picture in Just About Horses many, many years ago. I was impressed then and am still impressed now. He is amazing!
At the end of the day, the tickets were counted and prizes distributed. Top Ten winners were awarded custom made ceramic tiles. 
First and second place winners were given resin medallions. 
So many worthy choices! 
 Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank you to Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and everyone else who participated in this show. This truly was a wonderful showcase of our hobby's history.


  1. Thank you Jennifer for the pictures on my mule Queen of Hearts, she won two NAN cards in perf the day before. Cece

  2. I loved seeing these amazing pieces of hobby history! The Belgian was my favorite... so incredible.