Saturday, April 7, 2012

Keeping secrets

Remember how I said the long walk from the parking lot to the show hall at last weekend's Colorado Kick-off Show had me reconsidering my "no minis" stance?  I bet you thought I was kidding, but take a look at what arrived in my mailbox earlier this week.  
Your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is a stablemate scale resin, and it's in my house. 
Ok, I admit it.  Your eyes may not be deceiving you but I am.  April Fools!  This lovely little mare does not actually belong to me.  She's another Secret Horse
For the record, Siren is a Deb McDermott Mini Pearl resin painted by Erica Ipes and owned by Regan O'Keefe.  She's a pretty little thing, but I remain safely immune to her mini charms. Now if someone was to randomly send me a Flitwick...  That might be a whole different story!

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