Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colorado Kick-off resins, drafts and ponies

Does anyone remember the Big N Little Draft and Pony Club?  Although I wasn't a member, I always enjoyed seeing that name on the Club List in 1980's era Just About Horses magazines.  Without a doubt, it the best and most interesting name on the list!

It would also be a good name for this particular post, since these pictures were taken during the resin Draft and Pony divisions at last Saturday's Colorado Kick-off Show.  
Both of the models in the first two pictures belong to Sherre Tuley.  The black sabino is a Rolling Thunder resin by Michelle DeSpiegelaere, and the frolicking tobiano is a Sue Kern Horatio. 
It's fair to say that Draft horses are not the main focus of my collection, so I was happily surprised when BFF...
and Dhaulagiri won three of the four NAN cards in the European Draft class. 
The Braymere winning streak continued into the Other Equines class.  Jennibray won the breed section...
while Emma proved she's more than just a performance mule! 
Jenni went on to win the Champion Draft breed title 
while BFF took home the Champion Craft workmanship honors.  Jennibray is an Eberl Jumping Nancy, and BFF is a Stacey Tumlinson Scarlett.  Both were customized and painted by Tiffany Purdy.  
Onto ponies!  The European Pony class was huge, so it was split into Scottish Ponies (Shetland and Highland ponies) and Other European Ponies. 
 I had four ponies in the Scottish section.  My bow pony Poka Tia did the best, but Mabel...
and Dagobert made for some tough competition. 
My own Dunkirk Leeds did well in the Other European section... 
as did Val McEntee's Artorious.  As an aside, I've always admired the paintwork on this resin, but now that I'm riding a sooty palomino Welsh Cob...  Yeah, this one's on my "steal list"!  
Chipper and Oreo did well in the American Pony class... 
but the real star was Sherre's Graylea Whisper resin.  This pony was sculpted by Karen Grigson and painted by Sheryl Liesure.  If I remember correctly, she was named Champion Pony of both the breed and workmanship sections.  Poka Tia was Reserve Champion Breed.
Just one more Colorado Kick-off post left to go, and then it's back to business as usual!


  1. Who painted your Otto? He's so cute!

  2. I have a Gaylea Whisper and love her!
    I'm not surprised your guys did so well, they are all gorgeous!

  3. My Otto, Dagobert, was painted by Sonya Johnson who is no longer active in the model horse hobby. He's a really nice piece. I would love to own more of her work.

    Thanks for the kind words, Vicky! You might be interested to hear that Bangles showed in the draft division and did fine. Ir I recall correctly, she won two third place ribbons in the Other/Mix Draft class. I took a picture, but didn't post it. Not to be a cry baby or anything but I kind of *hate* getting third place. It's so close to NAN card territory, yet still so far. Truthfully, I'd rather have my models place fourth!


  4. I my gosh! How wonderful to get the end of your post and see one of my sculptures! Thank you so so much for sharing Jennifer! ((hugs)) You have made my day :D

  5. Oh good, Karen. I was really hoping you would see that. She was one of the most talked about models at the show. Everyone really, really liked her!

    And I *did* take a picture of her with her champion certificates (plus Poka Tia with hers) but a memory card mishap deleted those before I could edit them... I hate it when that happens!

    Also, I owe you an email!

  6. Well done! SO many beautiful models.
    The Gaylea Whisper is stunning.

  7. Eeee, gorgeous ponies! Who is that lovely little trotting buckskin tobiano in the 'scottish' class?

  8. Actually, that's a picture of most of the class before it got split. The little buckskin tobiano is a D'arry Jone Frank Casanova resin. He's very cute and I think his owner shows him as a Kerry Bog pony? Something like that, anyway.

  9. Poor Bangles....always a bridesmaid, never the bride!! LOL, I know she has placed better for you, still think she is a lovely model. I do know what you mean though. Getting a ribbon is nice, but getting a little green/pink/yellow card is better!

  10. OOOH, I like that Graylea model an awful lot... I can see why you all were talking about her!