Thursday, April 19, 2012


Tiffany's flight arrives at 11:35 tomorrow morning so I am now just hours away from the beginning of my much anticipated, happy, horsey weekend.  

Mostly, I am ready.  My house looks almost respectable.  The floors have been mopped, the dog hair drifts have been vacuumed up and there are fresh linens on the guest room bed.
It's not a fancy room but it's comfortable, and includes some nice, albeit dusty, horsey decor.  
More importantly, the fridge has stocked with some of Tiffany's favorite beverages. 
Even if you're not a beer drinker, you have to admit this is the coolest beer ever. 
Tiffany is a master model farrier, so there's a pile of shoes waiting for her in the studio.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, all these shoes will be affixed to a resin hooves.
Things are a bit less rosy on the show prep front.  Despite my good intentions, this is as far as I've got in regards to Emma's working Western entries.
Poor Emma.  It looks like this might be another round of Half Ass Performance.
Oh well.  It doesn't really matter whether or not I win the resin.  I have a feeling that no matter what happens, this is going to be one of the best weekends ever!


  1. Absolutely! Even if you and Emma are going to kick my butt in performance.

  2. Seeing the shoes just made me think, have you or anyone you know tried to make those Easy Glove Hoof Boots? That would be a neat thing to see and would make an awesome addition to a trail or endurance entry!

  3. Oh, it's been years but I did make a couple EZ boots to hang off endurance saddles. They were surprisingly tricky for me at the time. Probably I could do better now. That would be a good small project to revisit!

  4. Bwah ha ha! Moose Drool - we have that here too. I do believe it's one of her favorites. You will never get rid of her now! If I could have figured out how to legally send some through the mail, that would have been her Christmas present. Too funny! Wish I could be there too!

  5. I wish you were here, too, Shannon! In addition to the guest room there's also a couch with a sleeper bed and an air mattress or two. Plenty of room!


  6. YAY FOR MONTANA BEER! Sorry, I had to scream that. :) Heavy Horse is one of my favorites, but there's a scotch ale from another Montana brewery that totally blows it out of the water (Copper John from Madison River, in case anyone is ever in Montana looking for good beers ;)). However, if you like Heavy Horse....stock up. It's about to the end of it's season (late winter-spring seasonal), as I see that the spring/summer beer is already out. Which reminds me....I should hit up the grocery store and buy a few more 6-packs to stock up the beer "cellar"!

    As for sending beer through the mail, Riversong....don't. USPS won't handle it. However, you can ship beer using UPS. That's how we've shipped homebrews across the country, as well as how we get our Beer of the Month Club beers.

    Ok, I'll let everyone get back to the model horsey topics. ;) I look forward to reading the show report!

  7. Caroline--I just checked out your blogs and I have to say that "Short Horses and Tall Beers" has got to be one of the best blog names ever. I've never actually tried the Heavy Horse beer, but it was too pretty to resist. Usually I'm more of a Pale Ale or IPA girl, but it's good to try something new every now and then.


  8. Have fun and good luck to the two of you!!!

  9. Where do you get your shoes from? Thanks in advance! Nikki Byler

  10. haha, thanks, Jennifer! I decided that I needed to share my random real horse stories, and I didn't really want to create a whole new blog, since I have been horrible about blogging about my homebrewing. So I needed a name that would combine horses and beer, and well, having foundation QHs, the name just fit! :D Now if only I could come up with a better title for my model horse blog...

    If you don't mind a somewhat darker, maltier, sweeter, and more bitey [alcoholic] beer occasionally, Heavy Horse is pretty good. But definitely quite a change from a pale ale/IPA. ;) Big Sky Brewing has both creative names AND labels. Aside from the Moose Drool and Heavy Horse listed, I absolutely LOVE Slow Elk's name and label - it's a cow with antlers tied to her head! (the beer itself is an oatmeal stout)

    I keep telling Theresa that I WILL come down for a show sometime - preferably sooner rather than later, so I can meet all the CO hobbyists AND to stock up on more beer. I'm jealous of the showing and selection of beer down there!

  11. Sweetie, NO "H" ;) And you forgot visit Flick :D

    Well, if you're that not close, I might have a shot then ;)

  12. Hope everyone has fun and wins a lot at the show. Tell Tiffany I said hello!

  13. Nikki--The shoes in the pile came from both Rio Rondo and the World of Model Horse Collecting. I know there's also a source in England that makes them. Horsing Around, maybe? I'm too tired to look it up right now, but it should be easy enough to figure out.

    Speaking of shoes--I'm sad to report that the pile never got touched. Oh well. That just means that Tiffany will have to come back again soon.

    Caroline--You should come, too. We'll drink beer together. It would be fun.

    P.S. LOVED the Heavy Horse!