Wednesday, April 25, 2012

High Plains Live English Performance

Without a doubt, English is my strongest performance division.  If I was to have any chance of winning the Overall Performance Championship at the High Plains Live Model Horse Show, it would rest mainly on the strength of my English entries.

Unfortunately, the division got off to a less than successful start in the Cross Country class.  Emma looked stylish as always, but it's hard to compete against the over the top awesomeness of not one...
but two water jump dioramas by Sandy Lyles.  Poor Emma had to settle for third. 
On to the jumpers! 
Emma did a little better here... 
but once again it was Sandy's Lonesome Dove who claimed the blue. 
Hunters were next. 
 This time Emma was victorious.  Yay!
Emma didn't win the English Trail class...
but she did place in front of Lonesome Dove.  Our hopes were still alive!
First place honors went to Karen Gerhardt's Cleveland Bay, who was making it very clear this wasn't just a two horse competition.
Emma and Lonesome Dove were first and second in the English Pleasure class...  Or perhaps I should say second and first.  Sandy and her darn Paint horse was proving to be just a little too tough for Emma and I!
The division wrapped with Other English.  Karen's big boy was third, 
Emma was second, 
 and Lonesome Dove was the winner.  
That's pretty much the story of this division.  Lonesome Dove was the Champion and Emma was Reserve.
With only the Western division left to go, my chances of winning the Brio Sambra resin suddenly seemed very remote.


  1. Lonesome Dove's XC entry...WOW! O_O
    All the entries look amazing, I wish there were shows like this near me. :(

  2. Lonesome Dove is amazing!! That was super cool. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Lonesome Dove is amazing!
    But I still think Emma did a great job, she is so cute after all! LOL!


  4. Nobody shows a galloping horse better than Sandy. Nobody. If she wasn't so much fun, we'd probably all resent her!


  5. Those water entries are *incredible*
    The splashes are especially impressive. Not to mention, Lonesome Dove... *swoon*

  6. so many years later, and yet I am all wrapped up in the suspense! lol color me lame, I don't care...on to the next post!

    1. Lol. Happy to say, I did win a Brio Sambra, but not in the way I'd expected!